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trekmaitrop 3 Apr 2011 07:46

Shipping a motorbike from Senegal without a Carnet
Hi guys!
I would like to drive my Honda Dominator from Italy to Senegal in August. Firstly, I wanted to do it with a Carnet de Passage. Unfortunately, ACI (our autobile club) increased the price of the Carnet from 150 euros to 250 euros (which is actually HALF the value of my motorbike!!).
So I am reconsidering the option of travelling without a Carnet; I read lots of positive feedbacks about entering Senegal without it from the Mali border. If I am able to enter Senegal, I would ship my bike back to Italy (I know it is not convenient, but I love my motorbike...). Here are my questions
- any updated feedbacks about entering Senegal without a Carnet (my Dommie is 20 years old!)
- are there any problem to ship the bike out of the country without a Carnet? Since I don't have so much time, I guess I will leave the bike to somebody who will take care of the shipping. I am afraid that the shipping will not be done in time and the "passavant" expires...what would happen?
Any similar experience?
Thank you all, this forum is a gold mine of information indeed! :scooter:

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