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thepinproject 12 Jul 2012 22:38

Shipping car from Accra to Cape Town
Hello everyone.

We are a greek couple doing the tour of Africa. We are now in Daloa, Ivory Coast and we are heading to Abidjan. As soon as we get the Ghana visas we will try to find a container to ship the car from Accra to Cape Town.

Does anybody has to suggest any shipping companies?

And is anybody with a bike interested to share the container with us??

You can track our progress on our blog thepinproject.blogspot.com (it's not a commercial project).

Thanks a lot in advance.



Peter King 13 Jul 2012 09:31

Shipping Accra to Cape Town
Hello Nikos,

I am in Ghana most years for some weeks and recall that in 1999 a shipping agency was Maritime Agemcies (WA) Ltd, P O Box BT 239, Tema.

Tel was +233 303 202609 or 205564.

Managing Director then was John Essel.

We won't be in Ghana till late September but good luck!


thepinproject 14 Jul 2012 14:48

Thanks a lot for your reply! I will try to catch them and get a quotation.

vengavamos 20 Jul 2012 15:25

Ghana shipping
Wish I could recommend someone in Accra but our experience was bad. We used Mc Dan shipping, they were rubbish. We had to keep pushing them to do anything and then they didn't get our carnet stamped! Don't use them. Why not try Walvis Bay in Namibia to ship to instead of Cape Town. Hassle free and you could se part of Namibia on your way. We have nothing but praise for Maritima Logistics in Walvis Bay. www.maritimanamibia.com Good Luck.

thepinproject 10 Aug 2012 14:45

I wish we had not shipped our car from Accra.

Let me explain to you:

We got an offer from an agent for 2000 USD. When we asked if it was the final offer he replied that it is a port-to port offer.

Without being professionals, we proceeded with this offer.

After loading, he said that we need to pay also in the Cape Town Port for clearance.

The local agent in Cape Town asks for 1950 USD to clear the container and also for handling charges.

We are totally upset and all our trip in on the air.

What is more, the Ghanaian company said that the ship departs on Monday the 6th but the ship is still in Tema and leaves on 14th of August.

You cannot imagine how we feel..

We only feel desperate..

Has anybody else prior experience? Since we have the Carnet, do we need to pay for clearance?

Does anybody have any clearance agent in Cape Town that is reliable and don't see travelers as ATM's?

Any advice or information is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


For any reason, don't apply for a quotation in BJH LOGISTICS LTD in GHANA.

They only offered poor information, hidden costs and totally unreliable service.

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