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mattpope 4 Nov 2008 21:05

Shipping back from Senegal in February
I am looking at riding one-way down to Senegal during January and then shipping back with the Grimaldi Line at the start of February. The price for one bike is not great but get two or more and it becomes very attractive - anyone just considering Morocco for 3 weeks and riding home might want to consider further south.....

Anyone else planning a winter trip south and want to share shipping costs? Let me know.

Also if anyone has done this is recent times I would be grateful for any advice you could give about shipping from Dakar.



richiewindow 20 Nov 2008 20:56

Hi Matt

I'm planning to ship my xr back then fly from Dakar mid Jan and emailed this guy (below) in my best broken french and got this answer. Basically, departs every 15 days and costs 457 euros but this service is for Anvers or Le Harve. I'm leaving mid December and if I make it this far will try and find this guy. have a look at his website CENTRE DE GROUPAGE FRET EXPRESS Let me know what your plan is and what sort of money Grimaldi are talking about. Chris

CGFE SENEGAL (cgfe@orange.sn)
FRET DAKAR / ANVERS OU LE HAVRE.................300.000 FCFA / 457 EUROS

backofbeyond 21 Nov 2008 10:05

I'm looking for shipping back options from West Africa in late Jan. I was aiming to ship back from Accra but I'm open to other suggestions that make life a bit easier.

I was wondering why Dakar seems to be so popular given the language problems when english speaking Banjul is just down the road. Last time I was there (2004) I shipped back with a company called Edgar Holdings Ltd in Banjul who were very efficient and easy to deal with. The price then (to Southampton) was around £300.

I would be interested in hearing more details of either option.

mattpope 22 Nov 2008 07:25

Not sure if Dakar is really so popular but that is the only place I have found good information on to date. Other cities such as Banjul would work well too.

Grimaldi were suggesting 500GBP for a 5 cubic meter crate - should be enough for two bikes? Or 900GBP for a 20' shipping container.

I must admit I have never shipped in this manner from Africa so I'd be very keen to know more. Perhaps sharing a container is a goer?

If anyone is open to sharing costs then great.



richiewindow 4 Dec 2008 17:21

Hi Matt. Hubb won't let me reply to your message so hope you get this,
I emailed these guys down in Gambia (banjul) and got this response.

From:<IMG id=P___199347168 style="DISPLAY: none" webimdisplayStyle="inline"> manlafi.drammeh@kamino.com Sent:24 November 2008 17:56:37To: chris wall (richiewindow@hotmail.com)
Yes i can do it but it's not so fast to load LCL from Gambia to UK aprox it takes us sometimes 2 months to load one container but we are collecting from now against january you may be lucky to meet up with the next loading.
charges is as follows
minimum up to 1 cbm is £130.00 freight x voloum
documentation D1500.00
Processin fee is 2.05% of the value.

I'm off a week saturday and I'm gonna take both of these details and just wing it when I get there. I live next to the Royal Berks. Hope your plans are going well. Also, you may have more luck with responses with this thread posted in the Sahara forum? what bike are you taking?

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