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TwinPlanet 15 Jan 2006 15:20

Shipping 4x4 from Dakar and one-way flights?

We are in Morocco now, driving direction of Timbuktu. I have been searching info on sending our 4x4 back from Dakar; but I find only a bit outdated or not specific enough info. Can anybody answer quite precisely following questions?

1. What price range is shipping a 4x4 Land Rover to Antwerp; Belgium, nowadays? 700 euro? 1000? 1500? How much do you have to add to the quoted price (taxes; extra fees, customs,…)
2. How much time in advance do we have to be in Dakar to arrange all stuff? Suppose we would like to catch a plane around 18 march, is 14 march arrival in Dakar enough time to arrange all formalities to ship the car and buy a plane ticket?
3. What companies do you suggest? What is the best way? Book the shipping someway in advance or just see on the spot?
4. How complicated is the procedure? Arrive, fill in papers on location and leave the car; or do you have to drive around Dakar to get permissions, stamps,…
5. How long does it take usually? 4 weeks? Or do they say 4 weeks and it becomes 6 weeks in reality?
6. Can we ship our car full of equipment?

Plane tickets:
a. What companies give best rates for one-way Dakar-Europe tickets? (Brussels, or Paris, Amsterdam second option)
b. Better book in advance or just before departure around 18 march?

Thanks for your advice.
Info on us: www.twinplanet.net


Kevin 16 Jan 2006 22:08

Shipping the car back is either by container by a good company like maersk or Delmas, or by roro. This is cheaper and has more security risks involved.

One way flights to Paris are plentiful and are around 250-300 euro. There are several travel agents in Dakar Place d'Independence.

I dont know if 4 days is enough. The formalities are easy and quickly done but it could be tight.

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