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Danek 26 Mar 2004 23:37

Senegal - Mali border in Satadougou
We've travelled from Senegal to Mali couple of weeks ago. We planned to cross a border near Satadougou using a map Michelin 741. After Nafadji village (GPS N 12-38,556; W 011-28,409)we were directed by locals to non marked piste which after some kilometers became an one-track path. It was not extemally difficult to pass this path with 4WD,however we reffered to the map finding there not a highway but anyway earth ROAD, not wild path. I do not recommend to go there by 2WD or in raining season, anyway. Thinking that we've got lost finally we were forced to ford the river Faleme (70-90 cm deep this time)reaching Satadougou village(GPS N 12-37,168; W 011-24,352). No border post, nobody asking who we are, however to my opinion, we were the first whites for couple of years! By the way, the road from Satadougou to Kenieba in Mali, marked on the map as recognised track only seems to be in much better condition then the one mentioned above.

Were we lost there? Who passed this border recently? I am just curious about what has happened.

Danek 14 Jan 2005 03:34

Hey !

Just a funny reflection to my unanswered enquiry. Tommorow: 14/01/2005, one year after the date we've done this border on the Faleme river ford in 2004, there are expected hundreds bikes, cars and trucks passing this God-forsaken place: the 26th Telefonica-Dakar 2005 rally is coming!!!

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