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Travelbug 30 Mar 2008 19:25

Selling car in Luanda or Libreville

is it easily possible to sell a car (Landrover) in Luanda or Libreville?

First of all: can I enter without a carnet or a car registration in my passport?

Second: is there a market?

Many thanks,

Richardq 31 Mar 2008 05:28

Hi I'm not sure about Gabon or Angola but I had no problem leaving my land rover in Zambia. My understanding is that you need to choose a country that has no affilliated vehicle association (eg. South Africa's AA) Strip the numberplates off and then sell it. In my case I didn't sell it but I could have done. Because you then return home with the carnet without it's final exit stamps etc you have to wait a year before you get your deposit back (UK RAC).

Travelbug 31 Mar 2008 16:33

Thank you.

I will try to go north through Angola and both Congos to Gabon without a Carnet.

Then I'll see if I can sell the car in Libreville, otherwise I'll have to continue to Niger or Mali, where I have sold a car before without problems.

It's not about making a profit, but more like a one-way-rental.

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