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hemel 26 May 2004 16:55

Problem to get Sudanese visa in Addis
We were told Addis would be a good place to apply for our Sudanese visa, but after we had waited for 40 days (!!) there was still no approval from Khartoum.

We did however managed to get our money back, applied for the visa in The Hague and got it in 1 hour (!!).

Maybe it has to do something with Dutch passports holders, as a German friend got it in Addis in 3 days while we were there waiting.

So do not bet on a swift process when you get to Addis!

Good Luck,

Arnout & Saskia

esteban 15 Jun 2004 22:38

sorry to hear about that! why should the dutch have problems with sudan....?

i've just got a visa for sudan within 48 hrs on a swiss passport.

where are you going now?

save travels,


online diary and travel info from the road in africa:

west coast to cape town
east coast to zurich


Werner 16 Jun 2004 06:26

When I went through Addis in 2001 a Dutch couple received their visas in two days, same as in my case (Canadian). Perhaps this has something to do with Iraq?

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