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majew 11 May 2003 19:26

Hi everyone,
Maybe one of you could help me. I`ve heard that some spear parts could be much cheaper in SA than in Europe. I am planning to send my motorbike by cargo flight to Johannesburg (paying 7,7$ per kilogram). I could save money if I buy some of the heaviest parts in S.A.
Maybe someone of you know how much costs in S.A.:
1) DID x-ring chain (for KTM LC 4 - 600 cm 3, 1993)
2) and the two sprocket wheel (steel),
3) tyre Michelin T63 or Desert and Sirac (front 90/90 – 21, rear 140/80 – 18)
4) and engine oil synthetic or semi-synthetic (for example Castrol RS or Shell Advance VSX 4).

Thank you in advance.

tifua 13 May 2003 22:01

Check out if the Airfreight will be based on actual weight or "Volume Weight". Normally they work out which is the greater between the bikes volume and the weight, and charge you for the greater. Ineviatably you will end up paying for the volume of the bike and so it won't matter how much the crate weighs.
In my experience KTM parts were always more expensive in SA than in London. The main KTM shop in SA is in Johannesbug. Their web address is www.proaction.co.za and their contact details are on the website (including email address) so you will be able to get exact prices direct from the horses mouth.
In Namibia the Deserts will cost N$990.00 for your rear and N$700.00 for the front from the BMW dealer (... but I bought their last set today) which is a bit more than what I paid in London (and later in Togo) for the same.
Copuldn't find Deserts in Kenya (if you are going that way) but tires are extreamly expensive there at around USD220.00 for a rear Pirelli MT23.

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