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DustyBin 3 Sep 2008 17:12

Places to stay Ghanian coast.
I am looking for somewhere to stay for a few weeks on the coast west of Accra end of this year. I have found what looks an ideal place for us at Butre beach called Hideout Lodge formerly Ellis Hidout. Has anyone some first hand knowledge of this place or perhaps could recommend another place which has both camping and bungalow type accomodation with a restaurant and bar preferably near a beach.


Any help appreciated.

Matt Roach 4 Sep 2008 10:54

I havent stayed at Ellis Hideout but have heard good things about it.

As an alternative, I can instead definately recommend Green Turtle Lodge, which is near Dixcove. Really chilled out campsite on the beach with some very funky bungalows. There is a nice bar and very good well priced food. If you are going in season on the weekend you might need to book a bungalow as they seem to fill up with volunteers.

Here is a link to their website

Green Turtle Lodge


DougieB 4 Sep 2008 12:49

ahhh, Dixcove! I didn't understand your weird accent Matt... :-)

Yeah, I enjoyed staying there too. To be honest, there's quite a few along the coast. We (not me and Matt!!!!) pitched up at one and got a bungalow, then toured further along the coast preparing to move if we found something better.

There's also a place about 10 or 20 kms from the centre of Accra, westwards, and then down a road and then down a track to the beach. Sorry, can't remember the name, but it's probably in the books or someone else will know. But it had excellent food and a great bar. Plenty of NGO and overland types there too.

TT-Kira 4 Sep 2008 14:59

Don't know Ellis Hideout but just past Green Turtle & on the other side of Akwidaa village is Ezile Bay Village eco-lodge in paradise resort hotel near Busua Ghana - owned by the same French owners of Busua Inn - Hotel and french restaurant on the beach in Ghana - Hotel et restauration fran├žaise en bord de plage - Ghana

Personally Ezile Bay is paradise, quiet, gorgeous bay with soft & gentle waves as it's almost like a lagoon; none of the dangerous currents that you get at Green Turtle & other places along that coast; five minutes walk away is a great surfing bay if you do want to surf.

The food is excellent, the bungalows well maintained & it's very chilled out & peaceful ... for those on a bike there is a piste there if you turn right off the road before Dixcove ...


gjackson 4 Sep 2008 21:09

Safari Beach Lodge is another. Run by some overlanders.

Safari Beach Lodge, Western Region Ghana


hurcomb 4 Sep 2008 21:35

Green Turtle Lodge gets my vote!!! Great place. Well 18 months ago it was like paradise for me. A real time out to chill after 2 months on the road. Friendly and lovely food.

Enjoy wherever you end up.

DustyBin 5 Sep 2008 09:23

Another question guys.
Thanks for all your replies. I didnt realise there was going to be so many to choose from so we will take our time and visit them all. Dougie i think the place you remember a short distance from Accra could be Big Millies, its certainly in that area. We will check it out on our way along the coast. Here is another question to all of you who have entered the country overland. When i last drove down from Burkino Faso through the border to Tamale we then had a few days to register ourselves in Accra presumably at the immigration office. We had obtained visas in OUAGA, but still had to go through that procedure. Is this still the case. It was 16 years ago.

DougieB 5 Sep 2008 09:31

Yeah, Big Millies. Good fun, for a while. there's no shortage of places further west though.

didn't have to register in Accra (2005).


TT-Kira 5 Sep 2008 10:39

Didn't have to register early this year, so things should be fine.


Matt Roach 5 Sep 2008 12:03

Big Millys has a very different vibe to the other places such as Green Turtle. I agree with Dougie - BMs is definately great fun for a few days, particularly on the weekend when it hosts decent parties, but if you really want somewhere to chill for a week or two, then head further west.

Definately no need to register.

Jabez Clegg 30 Sep 2008 12:44

Just landed
We arrived in Accra last night, tired and weary from 2 hard days on our XT 600,s and came on horizons to ask exactly the same question about places to stay,
We will phone green turtle today and probably move there tomorrow so expect a current update.
This is why horizons is so good,
Pete n Brucella

Matt Roach 30 Sep 2008 13:49

If Sam the English barman is still there, tell him I say gday!

You might also want to invest in some WD40 before you leave Accra. Otherwise the sea spray will start rusting up your beloved XTs in a hurry!


Jabez Clegg 3 Oct 2008 13:43

We have spent the last 2 nights at turtle beach, and it is indeed very good we have our last there tonight as they are fully booked, so forward booking is required,
the good news is there is a similar set up 2km east that has vacancies so its not exactly a big move,
We had a look at it this morning and are going to have a look at the hideaway when we finish here.
We will make our decision later after a beer.
Pete and Brucella

Jabez Clegg 3 Oct 2008 13:47

missing barman
Sorry matt there is no english barman. I will be getting some wd40 though, Pete

Originally Posted by Matt Roach (Post 209014)
If Sam the English barman is still there, tell him I say gday!

You might also want to invest in some WD40 before you leave Accra. Otherwise the sea spray will start rusting up your beloved XTs in a hurry!


Jabez Clegg 21 Oct 2008 14:53

Further on
We are now at Alaska beach resort at Busua, and very good it is to, the owner is a biker, its cheap and friendly,
avoid Safari lodge, the owners dont give a shit and its up for sale, which is a shame as the staff and the place are really nice, let down by two of the most unwelcoming owners I have ever come across, Pete n Brucella

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