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CobhBoy 5 May 2012 12:57

Noukchot Nightmare
Ive been useing the Hubb for quiet a while and now i have something worth shareing. If passing thru mauritania, and staying in NK Please avoid auberge Menata the security at the site has dropped off dramatically between my first and second stay. While working with their mechanic on the landy i was relieved of GPS, Camera, Torch, Leatherman, Oakleys, and a bunch of smaller items. Their response was that i must have lost them before arriving even tho we used the torch for the repair. The repair was tru african improv and may even get me to Namibia, if i keep the sea on the right

Rafke 6 May 2012 01:11

I'm sorry but I have to react to this. I'm staying at the Menata right now and have an entirely different experience: that of a nice, relaxed and secure place with very friendly and helpful staff. Maybe things are not entirely down to the auberge (and I wonder how security can drop dramatically in one week time between two stays)?

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