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Miquel-Silvestre 18 Apr 2009 18:13

needed storage in cape town
Hi all.

2 months ago I bought a GS80 1992 in Nairobi. I ve been riding it across Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbaue, Bostwana and Namibia. I m about to arrive Cape Town in few days and I need a place to keep the bike till 16Th August when I´ll go back to ride it again. I can´t sell the bike because the logbook is in the Kenyan Custom at the border with Tanzania. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

All the best.

AlfredoS 21 Apr 2009 18:31

Storage Cape Town
Hi, I left my Toyota last week in Cape Town and the safest place I found is Storage RSA in Sommerset West, maybe 20 min by taxi to the airport, telephone number 021 8522510.

Moto Zulu 1 May 2009 20:18

Storage near Durban

I only can offer storage near Durban in Port Shepstone



JHMM 1 May 2009 20:50

You are welcome to store the bike at my home if you wish. PM me for more info. Won't cost you anything.

Miquel-Silvestre 3 May 2009 04:09

Thanks, But the bike is right now kept in Westlake storageland about 19 km from CT. It´s a little bit expensive but I was in a hurry because I ran out of time to get my flyght. But when I arrived home, 20hours later, my girlfriend split up because I decided to ride the World and she knows I am going to do it for a long.

Next stop? Alaska in june. In august I will pick the bike in Cape Town, forget about Namibia, and going back to Kenya by Mozambique and Malawi. If someone is going to do the same route from 17th August, we can meet on the road.


JHMM 5 May 2009 21:51

Sorry to hear about the girlfriend. Glad to hear that you found a place to store your bike. Offer still stands for future time. Enjoy the travels, post them here for all to read.


photographicsafaris 5 May 2009 23:34


I hope that you enjoy these times, in every conflict there are casualties... Make sure the campaign justifies the losses!

On your way up to Kenya I am very curious of your route from moz to Tanzania, are you doing the easy way around the west side of Lake Malawi, or are you going to blunder on the East side?

If you are going to take the Eastern route, I have heard rumors that it is possible to cross the Rovuma river to the West of Niassa National park.
However this is really difficult territory, and means traversing hunting blocks... From there you head North East to (I think) Songea again challenging bush tracks and challenging Navigation.
At Songea you have the exciting prospect of Heading North around the West of the Selous through Njombe.
East along the Coast through Lindi and up the coast via Kiliwa.
Both offer an unbelievably exciting prospect of coming across voracious Lions with truly horrific reputations.

I know that it was possible to cross the Rovuma at the Tanzania/Mozambique border on the coast by Dhow. This is a far easier trip but misses out the best (and hardest-most dangerous) part of Mozambique.
Enjoy it, and feed back on the HUBB please.

If I can offer you any advice at all, I would say avoid Dodoma, doesnt matter which route you take through Tanzania, avoiding Dodoma will mean a much more eventful trip.

So many people take the easy route through tanzania, and they miss out on so so much. Lake Tanganiyka's coast would make an exciting ride if you cross country through Mozambique after doing the Mozambique coast.

This small stretch of Africa has so much to offer: Inland wildlife wilderness, Lake shore line, Exotic coastal beaches. And everyone does the overlander route.
But its one hell of a trip

Cheers G

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