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jj 14 Feb 2003 01:09

National Parks - OK to ride through?
Hi all,
I understand that in some places in Africa motorcyclists are forbidden to ride through national parks for obvious reasons concerning wild animals. Is it forbidden unanimously for every national park? Is there a real danger or just a minor risk? I'd like to be able to ride through Chobe national park as well as a few n.p's in Kenya simply because my prefered route happens to go straight through them. Any info on the strictness of the rules and the actual danger involved would be greatly appreciated, Cheers,


chris 14 Feb 2003 02:06

try these:
http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb...ML/000290.html (jj, you yourself started this thread!)

Valie 14 Feb 2003 18:40

In SA it is not allowed unless you get special clearance. If you would like to do a very nice ride in SA through a few game parks follow this link www.countrytrax.co.za they organize some really cool trips.

Botswana is quite relaxed but I would not advise you to drive through Chobe alone on a bike. I had some hairy experiences with Elephant,Hyena,Lions,Hippo and that was in a big 4X4 vehicle. There are also some very isolated parts in Chobe where a person alone will get into serious trouble.

We own quite a nice camp in the Caprivi get in touch and I will organize for you to spent a few days there. Close to Chobe


Roboyobo 5 Mar 2003 18:15


Unfortunately motorcyles are banned from all Botswana National Parks and Game Reserves. The police, army and game rangers have the power to confiscate any vehicle used illegally in reserves - and they do (at gunpoint).

You can ride along the transit route through Chobe, which is a wide gravel road surrounded on both sides by dense forest, running between Kasane and the Namibian Border at Ngoma Bridge. You will probably come across elies in there, but won't see that much. The best option is to stay at the Chobe Safari Lodge (camping available, but book ahead) in Kasane and take 4x4 and boat trips along the riverine area, this is also where most of the game is concentrated.

Other places worth visiting or staying at are the excellent Mokolodi Nature Reserve in Gaborone (chalets, camping, Rhino tracking), the town of Serowe (has a reserve with Rhinos), the Magkadigkadi Pans (try Nata Lodge or the nature reserve at Sua), camps along the edge of the Okavango, including the fishing camps in the North West, and possibly the Aha Hills (not sure about the status of this, but would be an interesting ride).

You could also enquire with owners of private reserves in the Tuli - there's a nice one called Mawana.


jj 6 Mar 2003 01:43

Hi Rob,
Thanks a lot for the information, I'll certainly keep in mind the places you suggested to visit when I'm passing through. Cheers,


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