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Doubledown 29 Jul 2011 17:44

Mozambique visa at Zimbabwe border
Possible to get Moz visa at border with Zimbabwe?

If not, what is best way if traveling north from S. Africa?

*Touring Ted* 29 Jul 2011 19:00

The Moz visa is available at all borders, or so I thought....

I got mine coming from Malawi with no issues. Can't see it being different down the road.

Margus 29 Jul 2011 19:36

Moz embassy told us there's no visa available on the border with Tanzania, and there are some smaller border posts with Malawi that supposedly do not issue visas on arrival either, so it is worth checking with the embassy about Zimbabwe side.

BTW, on the border (coming from Malawi) they first asked 100 USD for a visa, which after some negotiation went down to 30 USD, so beware. :)

Doubledown 29 Jul 2011 22:44

Thanks for the help. I have heard of problems entering from Tanz, as visa were not being issued. I will check in Harare and in Cape Town.

misterpaul 29 Jul 2011 23:48

Are you crossing from Mutare, Zim in the direction of Chimoio, Moz? I crossed at this border in April 2010 and the Moz visa was available no problems. I think US$25 but can't be sure.

I do remember meeting other travellers later on in Moz who crossed the same border but got their visas in advance from Harare. They paid double the price of the visa at the border...

Lonesome George 31 Jul 2011 17:51

I went from Zim. to Moz. then on to Malawi in April this year. Absolutely no problems getting a vias. Me (UK) some Canadians and an American. No worries at all (Except it costs about $60!)

Desert Driver 1 Aug 2011 13:46

Hi George,

did you get both the Moz & the Malawi visa at the border? I am planning to do the route Harare-Tete-Malawi next january and would prefer to collect visas at the border


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