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chica diabla 7 Jun 2011 15:49

Mozambique- kosi bay border and road
Hi there!

We are planning to ride to Mozambique from South Africa and we want to take the border at Kosi Bay coming from Durban.
Does anyone have experience taking this road? I read it's possible to take a VOA and that the road continuing from Kosi Bay into Mozambique is a sandy one....
PLease share your experiences

cheers Els


andre5 15 Jun 2011 14:19

Hi Els,

I did that road with my Landcruiser the reverse way in February and indeed parts are sandy. Never difficult though, can't even remember putting the cruiser in 4WD. You shouldn't have too many problems, that is if you haven't already crossed. One of the fastest border crossings ever, after I woke up the official.
Als jullie meer willen weten PM me maar.

greetz Andre

Moto Zulu 15 Jun 2011 18:43

Hi Els,

good to see that you are on the road. Hope the clearing with Das worked well.

I am not sure if that road is the right thing for a loaded Tansalp. If you rode Moto Cross in Holland and you have rough tyres you should be okay. Otherwise I would say the tared route via Swaziland is the better option.

I love riding around "Ponta de Oura" but on my KTM 525 not an an dual purpouse bike.



chica diabla 23 Jun 2011 13:48

Hi Thomas!

Yes everything worked out with Das, great guy. We decided to take the road through Swaziland as we heard to many things about deep sand, only 4WD, beach road..... But we had some nicegravel, sand, corregated, stoney paths already. We just arrived in Malawi after 200km offroad, very nice!

greetz Els

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