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voglwuid 22 Mar 2012 11:35

Motorbikemechanik in Bamako?
have a major problem with my motor Yamaha TT600 and i am in Bamako... do somebody know a good mechanik in town,

mika 22 Mar 2012 17:22

Hola Kati and Tobi,

so you made it to Bamako, huu you must have come a long way in Africa, congratulations.

Sorry, I cant point you to a mechanic in Bamako, but maybe somebody else on this forum can. Bamako - as I remember it - is not the place to have somebody working on your engine, but hopefully you will find somebody or do it yourself (with the help of KEDO and the forums) if you find a good workshop to get started yourself.

One more thing, I just read the news and it mentioned some kind of military action/ fighting in Bamako. Please get informed what is going on, and take care.

Saludos de Bolivia

gemmasun 22 Mar 2012 21:44

interested to hear the latest news from Mali
We're planning a west african trip starting September this year. We were planning to go to Mali.

You're on the ground..... what's it like? What's the news and the rumours?

Be good to know.


DougieB 22 Mar 2012 21:57


Originally Posted by voglwuid (Post 372371)
have a major problem with my motor Yamaha TT600 and i am in Bamako... do somebody know a good mechanik in town,


there is a mechanic there that rides a GSXR (or used to), he's a mechanic of 'big bikes'. it's somewhere near Hotel Sebou/Segou (spelling?), which is fairly central. sorry, can't remember the location, but if you come out of that hotel and turn right, then next right, you find yourself in the market where there a lots of scooter mechanics, one of them must know him.


voglwuid 23 Mar 2012 15:58

High people,
(Thanx for congratulations Mike, hope u are ok in South America!!!)
Situation down here in Bamako is quite strange, there are shootings the last 2 days and there is a curfew in Bamako, the boarders and the airport are closed...

Before we was visiting Dogoncountry and where driving a lot of small roads in the Niger-area, there are great people and great landscape. We was feeling very save, but the things are changing quite fast...Africaaaaa... But our camp here in Bamako have still beer in the fridge, so we will stay alive bier
Thanx for your answers, hope to find clean place to repair the bike - when the curfew is finished.
So long... we will fight the things inside the fridge...jeiger

Walkabout 23 Mar 2012 16:34

It's a solid enough lump of an engine in the TT600R, so why not discuss it over on the Yamaha tech forum?
There have been a few posts there about the bike and it is very similar to the XT600 - in terms of the engine, just the same.
It can't do any harm while you are bier and fighting with the fridge!

Stay safe.

Henn 23 Mar 2012 16:58

The gent who runs this camping place in Bamako also stores overlanders bikes/trucks/etc, and may even have ridden himself (can't remember now). He could well put you in touch with a mechanic.

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