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Madrid_CapeTown 17 Sep 2003 16:04

Hi !!!! ,
Apparently , that limit on 5 year old vehicles entering Senegal , is FOR THE NORTH BORDER ONLY (that is , Mauritania , Rosso , Ndiame)

Worried about the impossibility of getting my car out of Gambia , I have been told by well-informed people in Gambia (Sukuta's car-park Owner) , that it is just in the north border with Mauri. Elsewhere no-one asks for that vehicle-age thing , thus vehicle are free to leave The Gambia (hence entering Senegal ) with no additional hassle.
Apparently it is possible to travel from Mali to Gambia (via Dakar ) .

No one has heard on that law being in other country than Senegal , also .

Have fun .

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