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bernardo feio lightweight 14 Feb 2004 13:41

mauritania / mali / senegal
We are planning a expedition in August from Portugal do Guiné Bissau.

We are going with more then 5 years old LRs.

With all the problems in north Senegal border we are planning to enter Senegal from Mali. In this border will we have problems with our "old" vehicles?

Since we will probably enter Mali in Nara or Nioro what do you recommend visiting in the way to Guiné Bissau?

best regards from Portugal
bernardo feio lightweight

Tubarao 27 Feb 2004 05:49


I think the problem you might have on the route that you have described, is it is during the wet season. Last wet season those roads from Maur' to Mali were impassbale for long periods of time. That doesn't mean it will be the same this August, but it should be in your planning.

I have never been to Mali, but I know Guinea Bissau very well (I use to live there). I was there visiting in March 2003, drove from Senegal and highly recommend it. However, it will be the wet season and the roads will be in very bad condition. In Bissau good accommodation is expensive and the power & water are off more times than they are working.

Try to get out to the outer islands, as they are just great. You can drive form Bissua around to Boloma Island, 8-10 hours, and there should be a car ferry to take you across the channel to Boloma. It is a great place. All other islands you will need to get a ferry from Bissau, which can be difficult. Mainly because of maintenance problems etc.

If you require any more info on Bissau or Senegal let me know.


Skonte 27 Feb 2004 15:42

From A'youn to Nioro was difficult last september due to lot of rain in august. Sand pistes with mud but they are building a new road. Roads from Nioro to Kayes was no problem.


Kevin 3 Mar 2004 15:40

If you need a place to camp in Bissau there is a German guy called Andreas Goll aka "Andre di Cabana". He lives on the main highway about 3 km from the airport across from the Lennox service station. It is also a safe place to leave your car if you want to visit the islands.

bernardo feio lightweight 3 Mar 2004 19:25


thanks to all.


Last year, in august, we went to Mauritania and catch lots of rain. All people said that they didn't saw so much rain for so long. Maybe we'll have luck this year in senegal/guiné! :-)

What do you recommend to see, beside the islands, in the way to Guiné coming from Mali?


What do you mean by "From A'youn to Nioro was difficult last September due to lot of rain in august)?

Difficult but can be made?


Thanks again! ;-)

Do you remember how much did you pay in feeds in the port of Bissau? I already have all the prices to transport the LRs back home but I can’t find the prices in Bissau...

best regards from Portugal
bernardo feio lightweight

Kevin 4 Mar 2004 23:55

Hi Bernardo

I have never shipped to or from Bissau, Dakar was always much cheaper but I guess if you are shipping to Lisboa then it may be cheaper.
I will be in Bissau for the next two weeks so if you have any questions you can email me directly at k207d@hotmail.com or leave a message here.


bernardo feio lightweight 5 Mar 2004 00:05

ummmm... I thought it was Bissau.

kevin. I have all the transportation costs in Portugal, but no one can find the taxes/costs/feeds in Bissau harbor.

the company with best prices in Portugal is TRANSINSULAR.

if I find the agent of transinsular in Bissau com you try to find all that costs that are missing?

I know that is a big favor...

best regards from Portugal
bernardo feio lightweight

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