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p4jk 5 Oct 2012 11:09

Mali convoy required?
Hi, I hear that currently transition across Mali is possible only in a convoy.
any news on that?

Surfy 5 Oct 2012 15:45

I never hear that bevore - and i watch all current trips from travellers i have found.
You find a list of links in my blog - some are just some days old - where the people leave bamoko :rolleyes2:

Where you have hear about the convoi stuff?


Monkeybutt 6 Oct 2012 09:26

I crossed Mali from Nioro via Bamako, Segou and crossed to Burkina Faso from Koutiala the 3rd week of September 2012. There was no mention of a convoy. Perhaps in the north?


gazza171 6 Oct 2012 16:40

Ive been talking with the sleeping camel hostel in Bamiko about coming down from Mauritania to Bamiko , and they said they did not trust it up there, they recomended coming in through Senagal...we planed to cross in the start of March in our overland truck,but now we are not so sure....i always try to go by news on the ground if i can

if there was a armed convoy going down from mauri to bamiko we would be very willing to join, we were even thinking of trying to hire some guys( with guns) out there

but if i hear nothing new then it looks like it will be a more costal route for us

priffe 6 Oct 2012 23:28

Never heard of a convoy in Mali. Occasionally I have been asked to take a soldier in the car when there's been bandits about.
I would sneak in over Kiffa or Selibaby to Kayes on the piste.
Thus you would avoid any turbulence in east Mauretania and Nioro to Bamako in Mali.

From Kayes to Bamako I would avoid the RN1 and go a more southerly route, but mainly because the tarmac is so boring and there is so much else to see.
Don't hire any guns. Locals will tell you if there is a problem ahead.

p4jk 7 Oct 2012 10:20


I am planning to go from Senegal to Mali and then to Burkina Faso. When I'll be in Senegal I'll ask fro Mali's visa and for updated informations.

One guy I know drove not long ago to Burkina and said he was allowed to cross Mali only in a convoy. I'll ask him for more info.

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