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roamingyak.org 3 Apr 2011 14:27

Malawi Diesel Warning
Malawi has problems getting enough Foreign Exchange to pay its fuel bills, so has had problems with supplying Diesel at the moment.

So it visiting make sure you fill up before crossing the border and allow for a 2-3 day wait in some places when you run out etc.

Price was about 270K - about 1 Euro 15 Cents.

*Touring Ted* 3 Apr 2011 14:41

Malawi always has problems with petrol and Deisel...

It's always a lottery. More than a few times I was held up for a few days waiting for a delivery truck.

The tip is to NEVER EVER assume you can get fuel in a large town or even a city. Always have enough to get back to somewhere you can sit out and wait for fuel.

roamingyak.org 3 Apr 2011 15:14

I had never heard of it and I'm quite good at researching, so thought it was worth mentioning. Luckily I brought in 300 litres from Moz because it was going to be cheaper, that much I knew ;-p

eightpot 6 Apr 2011 07:28

They were having big problems when I was there a few weeks ago as well.
I managed to get some from some of the smaller towns - in the north there is a depot at Chilunga and I bartererd with some truck drivers kipping under a tree next to it who had plenty stashed away pilfered from the tankers - got 40litres for the regular price, but it was a bit watered down.
I was in Mzuzu a couple of times, which was dry for days, but the filling station in nearby Rumpi always had diesel, probably a little too far for locals to bother going but only a nano-journey for an overlander : )

misterpaul 22 Apr 2011 18:27

Ah, Mzuzu...good times. I remember last year trailing around every fuel station in town before I found some diesel.

And in Rumpi they had diesel at the only fuel station in town...but the pump was broken so they couldn't sell me any. Ended up buying a few litres of black market diesel to tide me over. Got it from a bunch of rastas who were sat in a shopfront room smoking joints surrounded by jerry cans of fuel and gas cylinders...

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