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Tim S 7 Jan 2003 19:54

Landrover repairs Senegal /Mali
Currently in St Louis, Senegal with Landrover V8 110 that has taken a battering in Mauritania (but is still mobile). Have sorted most damage with bush mechanics and bodging. Has anyone experience of anywhere in either Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea or Mali that has better equipment / LR spares than average that we could swing by before heading back into the desert in a couple of weeks time?

I can be mailed directly via tim.stead@ic24. net.

Thanks in advance.

Kevin 8 Jan 2003 17:32

Ask Martin at the Zebra Bar near St Louis if he knows someone, he has a V8 Range Rover.

In Dakar there is a Land Rover dealer but I dont know how good they are. They were on the old Route de Rufisque near the Mitsubishi anhd Peugeot dealer, they may now be in the new BMW dealers on the autoroute into Dakar. If you go into Dakar they are 1km before the big roundabout on the right.

In Bissau there is a French guy called Philippe Dolmaire tel. (245) 20.42.24 who is the Landie contact there. His email is dolfi@sol.gtelecom.gw

SandyM 9 Jan 2003 19:12

You might also check if there is a DHL (or other courier) office there. We did find that it was often easier and cheaper to have parts sent from Europe by courier, than to try and source them locally. DHL have offices in most cities, and they are remarkably efficient.



Tim S 10 Jan 2003 15:01

Thanks guys, currently on the (excellent)Zebrabar campsite slowly rebuilding the carbs.

On the DHL option - we investigated this when we were in Noaukchott to send the clutch out - they could do it but they quoted 220 UK pounds (without the import tax) to anywhere in West Africa. We managed to find Range Rover clutch locally and installed this.

Kevin was right that it is worth the hassle of the border crossing at Diama to get St Louis. Having driven the 100 kilometres along the track to get there they know that they have you - they started at 40 Euros and settled for 20(it was getting late and I could taste the beer). We paid up and made it for closing time.

strongp 11 Jan 2003 02:49

Had to laugh - left the Zebra bar to head for Dakar in search of Discovery clutch - the LR dealership here (garage Carrefour, tel Dakar 8398689) asked 600,000 CFA - nearly 1000 euro for a job Brownchurch quote 350 quid for in London.

Please let me know if you find a solution - otherwise I might try to limp to Mali where I have heard of a good garage in Bamako - Phenix auto I think who are open Rue des Nations Unies tel +223 236479 (details from a mate)

Any help to strongp@hotmail.com would be appreciated...


strongp 13 Jan 2003 00:33

Martin at the Zebra bar recommended Mark's Garage in Ngor (tel 6387786), just to the West of Dakar.

They seem pretty switched on and have quoted a reasonable price for the labour - I have to wait till they locate a clutch to get the full picture, but I'll post my comments after the work has been done...

strongp 30 Dec 2009 13:06

time passed.... Marc Automobile fitted a clutch I shipped out via DHL. Tim S and I almost met as I drove out of the Zebra bar as he was arriving - he recognised my car. A year later after gettingto Tanzania via ZA I met a bloke on a boat in Pemba where I was diving. He was reading a book about the Air Post Service in colonial Mauritania. When he started telling me about how his clutch had caused him nightmares I realised it was the same Tim S. Small world.

manfredschweda 31 Dec 2009 15:31

Bamako, Issa Diara
I would always call back Issa Diarra,
+223 649 19 41
Done repairs over 2 years again and again with him
on my Land Rover 300TDI.
Send my regards.

roamingyak.org 2 Jan 2010 14:55

Avoid Garage Phenix in Bamako. I had a bad experience there recently and according to Joan who runs Le Cactus so did a German guy the week before.

Basically for 2 hours labour (I had all of the bits, the labour was good enough) he tried to charge me 55,000CFA - over 100 Euro's or 2 hours work. The day before he had quoted me 7500 per hour when I called into ask.

Apparently the German guy was 120,000CFA as he used some of their oil for an oil change.

The owner has a bit of a temper problem from what I hear and witnessed. The mechanics were good enough and the (outside) workshop ok except when it is windy etc.

Joan at Le Cactus gave me the card of another French guy in Bamako if you need the details.

Speaking of which, who is there in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria?

Is PitStop in Accra ok?

manfredschweda 5 Jan 2010 17:02

btw have also done extensive (complete TDI Engine overhaul, new tubes, cylinders) in ACCRA with a guy called Ian Webster, maybe able to dig out his phone number, send me a mail. Ian is a difficult guy, but has a good pool of mechanics, Job was well done, took 14 days though, was Easter and Ghana is very Christian. Also all parts avail in Ghana.
Re my guy in Bamako Issa Diarra (Tel two posts higher), I have full confidence in him, he never charged me anything like this over the past 4 years, A weeks work is maybe 100,000 FCFA, Obviously this is not a garage as u may think but just a good mechanic, under the Mango tree. I had my Land Rover repaired before and after every trip, to Guinea, Burkina, Cote d'Ivoire, etc.

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