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sammybrown 21 Jun 2004 17:01

Land Rover shipping Ghana to S. Africa
I've just completed the trip from Europe to Ghana (see an earlier post) - awesome trip! Wish I could do it again!

Anyway, now need to ship the Land Rover from Accra to Cape Town.

Any recent information on companies / prices / hints would be appreciated.


Mark Batey 21 Jun 2004 17:36

We used Antrak to arrange shipping our Landcruiser from Tema back to Felixstowe earlier this year. The vehicle came out of the container in immaculate nick - well packed, secure. They were really helpful - and no hidden costs.
Contact is Henry Adadebouakye, OTAL commercial manager. Based in the port at Tema, phone 022 202 068 (office) or 024 321 244 (mobile)
Worth seeing if they can do shipping on to SA for you.

Good luck...

bnoij 29 Jun 2004 18:19

We are also in Ghana (Accra) and have just put our car on the boat to SA. We ship to Durban because it is a lot cheaper and faster than Capetown (apparently the containers to Capetown go to Singapore first!!!). We have used MOL als shipping company. They charge 600 USD plus 75 USD for some fuel thing. Then you need a handling agent on both sides. We have used Toti Berg here in Ghana (Their office is in the main building of the Ghana Commercial Bank....not too far from the harbour). Very professional...very smooth. Two couples used the exect same route and people before us and were all very satisfied. One downside: costs in Durban are high. Count on 900 USD for taxes and handling.

Hope this helps. If needed you can contact us through our website www.overlanders.net


Bas Noij.

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