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tomhughes209 24 May 2010 15:22

Jordan, Aqaba to Sudan, Port Sudan
A Jordanian friend of mine is adamant that it is possible to travel between Aqaba and Port Sudan via boat.

Anybody travelled this way or familiar with the route?


waztafel 1 Jul 2010 20:19

anybody? I would like to know as well ;)

jwlhall 17 Jul 2010 08:07

Me too!

tomhughes209 3 Aug 2010 15:10

I have still not had any info on whether there was a ferry. Its such a long way that I would imagine that only a cargo vessel would head that way.

My next plan was to cross from jordan, saudi, yemmen and then get a ferry into dijbouti, but Yemmen is relatively unsafe.

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