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jim 17 Feb 2004 15:00

Jacket or MX armour for Africa...?
Again in search of wise council...
Im looking for a protective jacket to wear on my Cape to Cairo trip. Unfortunately in South Africa the selection is limited to cold weather super pricy stuff (crazy considering the weather here). I would like to be water proof, but I dont want to be hot and uncomfortable in the desert (East coast route). Is it worth considering a light waterproof jacket and MX body armour instead?

Thanks Again

Steve Pickford 17 Feb 2004 19:41

Why not try a lightweight cordura jacket that comes equipped with full body armour, plenty of ventilation (5 zipped vents)& a removable Gore-Tex liner - i.e. Hein Gericke Tourag Rallye GTX jacket or similar.Check out their website, in German & English.

I realise that HG may not have an outlet in SA.


RalEva 17 Feb 2004 20:51

Hi jim,

We are driving with the RUKKA Air Power clothing!
There you can zip out the GoreTex!
It is a fantastic feeling to feel the air and the wind!!!!! :-)
BMW and others do have nearly rhe same stuff too!!

It is expensive but worth to buy it!!

Best wishes - RalEva


The homepage has a translation service!!

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nick_horley 27 Feb 2004 04:37

I love hot weather riding gear discussions - this is one of my obsessions!

I think your idea of using motocross armour is fine for impact protection - but you might want to get a back protector too. Some motocross armour isn't much good in the back area.

You will also need protection from abrasion on paved roads - so unless you're sticking to the dirt your top layer needs to be made of Cordura or similar.

Another choice is the Dainese Safety Jacket - just a mesh lining with armour in it. Quite similar to motocross armour, but has a back protector. Great in hot weather. I'm sure you can get Dainese stuff from a sports bike shop. They do pants too, with knee and hip armour.

BMW's Rallye 2 jacket is the "Rolls-Royce" solution - an incredible piece of kit. You have BMW dealers there so you should be able to get it - but big bucks!!

esteban 28 Feb 2004 22:24

i've travelled around africa for more than two years, using a DAINESE motocross protection shirt with a good back protection.

it's great when it's hot (often) and it's lightweight.

i can also claim that it protects you well...

...as i have just crashed with 80 km/h on a stony piste and would have been perfectly fine, if the bike wouldn't have loyally followed my flight and landed right on top of me.

i can only recommend it!



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