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pandaman26 17 Jun 2004 18:54

I'm looking for a truck in S.Africa
i'll be going to S.A. in September. I'm looking for anything that will get me up to Egypt.

Cheap and reliable is my middle name.I have little tech. knowledge about trucks, so a truck for dummies is what i'm looking for.

Or if you have any tips about buying a truck once there i'm all ears.


zr6fun 21 Jun 2004 20:55

Hi Mike,
The best bet will probably be to buy when you get here. There are two publications you can get locally where sellers advertise, the one is a newspaper style publication called "Junk Mail" and the other a magazine called "Auto Trader", both available from local news agents and supermarkets. The "Junk Mail" have a pull out section in the centre with all the auto adds and the entire "Auto Trader" is full of ads.
I used both in the past to buy and sell but I had better luck with the "Auto Trader"

Good Luck !


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Bundubasher 24 Oct 2004 03:01

Try subscribing to the WWW.OVERLAND.CO.ZA forum for GOOD and TRUSTWORTHY advice re: purchasing a Landy in SA.

Someone on the forum may have a vehicle for sale as buying from Auto-trader etc is fraught with dangers: there are lots of dodgy traders / behicles in SA.

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