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amitsher 22 Oct 2008 22:40

How to sell German Car in West Africa
Hi, I'm planning to travel through West Africa from Morocco down to Ivory Coast using 4x4 I'm planning to buy in Germany (Export Plate)
1. Can I sell it in countries of West Africa?
2. Is it require tax involved? how much?

Hans Bo 24 Oct 2008 12:58

Welcome on the Hubb,

Your questions are difficult to answer since they are very unspecific. Nevertheless I am going to try to give you some answers.

In several West African Countries it is quite easy to sell you car, since they do not require a carnet and do not register the vehicle in your passport (Mali, Niger, Burkina) therefore as a seller you do not pay any taxes.

In other countries (Mauritania) a fee for deleting the car from your passport is payable before you leave country.
I personally sold a car in Gambia and found it quite easy , since the taxes are paid by the buyer when he registers the vehicle.

I suggest you read through the recent post on the issue of selling a car in W Africa on the HUBB and buy a decent Guide book like Sahara Overland.
After that you will be able to ask more specific questions, that will be happily answered.


Niva Say Never 24 Oct 2008 15:25

I don't have any experience of selling out there, but I was in Mali over new year and they did stamp the car in my passport. As Hans says, they also stamp it for Morocco and Mauritania too.
Thats not to say its impossible to get around, (plenty of people have done it over the years) but do your homework, i imagine it would be quite easy to get stiched up for the taxes


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