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the windleys 28 Sep 2012 19:31

How safe are things on the road Egypt to Nairobi?
We are now in Turkey 5 days from Mersin and planning to catch the ferry to Port said from there or possiblly via Iskaderun. We are travelling on an English plate in an old Land Rover but are wondering what the political situation is and safety is at the moment. any advise would be great. Also any one travelling our way at the moment?
We are hopeing to spend the best part of a year moving around Africa.
Hope anyone out there can help.
many thanks as we are feeling aa little worried about Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.:confused1::stormy:
Diana and Colin

McCrankpin 28 Sep 2012 22:45

All good
From experience 2 years ago, I'd say this is perfectly safe if you take the same basic precautions as you'd take anywhere else in the world. It's the most 'African' of the whole East coast route. (Link to blog below). It's the part of Africa to take your time in.

Things since then have changed in Egypt, but read this ride report from Biking Marco.
He seemed to have an equally good time as us in Egypt, extending his visa to 2 months as we did.

There were demonstrations in Khartoum for a while recently but things seem fine now. My daughter's there at the moment arranging to ship her bike back to UK. (She worked there until recently but got a promotion to a job in Kigali). My son-in-law still lives there and is loving it.

Ethiopia is often cited as the most 'difficult' country. Here's my take on that.
We were brilliantly advised by a couple travelling north by Land Rover, that we met in Sudan.
The best bit of advice they gave us, that we adapted for motorbike travel, was that they always kept their windows open so that they could instantly engage with local people, most importantly by getting their arms out of the windows quickly to wave and shake hands.
Shaking hands is fundamentally important in N.E. Africa especially between men (including with policemen and border officials).

Outside of Addis Abeba, visit Ethiopian traditional-live-music bars - you'll get a great welcome and the music is brilliant.
(As in all countries, take normal care in the big cities, the towns are usually much safer).

Have a great trip.

benmbutler 29 Sep 2012 10:20

Hello Windleys, sound like we're close!
We are in Goreme at the moment, plan to be in Mersin in the next couple of days to try to get on a Mersin-Port Said ferry on Tuesday (we've been quick through Europe).
The news the other side of the Med could be better, but it seems that with usual precautions + some, there is no reason to change the plan yet.
We'll report back on ferry success or otherwise.
Ben & Jen

the windleys 30 Sep 2012 08:03

Thanks for the updates
Hi Ben and Jen
Great to know you have set out. We are Antalya. We aim to catch the ferry friday or saterday. There is a definate service from Iskerderun. We sent you an email on this did you get it. The sevice runs Wed and Saterday. We have the phone contacts. Have you a phone ? We can text to keep in touch could you email your number. We will be in Mersin Wed or Thurs it would be great to meet up.bier
What are your plans for the Egypt route?
Its good to know some one else is traveling with us.
Diana and Colin

brend 30 Sep 2012 17:51

we were with 5 motorbikes in ethiopia, sudan and egypt at the end of august and the beginning of september. everything was fine! only petrol/diesel shortages in the south of egypt (north was no problem). Especially around luxor/aswan! furthermore many kids throwed stones in ethiopia. but always to the last bike in the row. probably being with only one car you will be fine.
the rest was great. ethiopia is beautiful! everything was fine and safe at the moment we were in sudanegypt and ethiopia.

have fun!

jimosse 2 Oct 2012 19:03

Some traveler suggested this ages ago and as a solo moto rider I thot it was interesting, given the stone throwing comment, which I saw a bit in Morocco: what about a slingshot as defense against surly kids or wayward baboons? I have a whip but that is too lethal for kids....
Road side rocs are ammmunion, good idea for your tank bag?

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