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hed 19 Nov 2002 16:56

Guinea to Ivory Coast
Hello All,
I am in Bamako at the mo, getting visas for both Guinea and Ivory Coast. I am planning to cross from here through Guinea and then into I Coast after Nzerekore. Has anyone done this recently or has anyone travelled in Ivory Coast recently ? Any comment is welcome. The Ivorians tell me that the border is open, but the Guineans tell me it is closed. I wonder if I cannot just head to the border and then try to see if I can leave Guinea.

RalEva 2 Dec 2002 02:27

Hi Hed,

we have no information for you, but it is nice to know, you are on the road!!

Do you remember us??

Please let us know what happens to you on your trip!!

Good luck to you!!!

Best wishes RalEva


With translation service!!

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