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Bundubasher 18 Oct 2006 10:56

Great Lakes Trip
We are now planning to get a bit adventurous: instead of just driving straight home to Zim, we are now looking at leaving Kenya in the Mt Elgon area, enter Uganda head for Kampala and then follow the roads around Lake Victoria: Lake Albert>Lake Edward>Lake Kivu>Lake Tanganyika. Rwanda, Burundi and into Tanzania. Get to Mbeya and then head south for Lake Malawi. From Lillongwe head west to Lusaka>Livingstone. Enter Bots via Kazengula and head south to Nata & Francistown entering Zim via Plumtree and finally pitching up in Bullies. Now before my wife gets cold feet – can anyone give me some positive info on this route?

X-posted this but forgot to add the "instant email notification" on the 4x4 Travel section.

ktm640rob 20 Oct 2006 21:25

dr congo
The DR congo side of Lake Edward (albert) and KIVU are extremely unstable at the moment.

I would not say dont go to Congo because some bits are fantastic. You just need to be very careful.
If you give me specifics of where you plan on going i can give you some specifics about each area.




Bundubasher 21 Oct 2006 06:31

Hi - Thanks for the reply. We actually plan to be traveling on the Ugandan/Rwanda/Burundi/Tanzania side of the lakes. I'd like to visit the lakes but time constraints make not allow it so we may just "put foot" through these countries.

Our plan is to take the scenic route home, Zimbabwe, so we dont plan to dawdle as I think it will take 3 or 4 more days than driving straignt home (7 days through TZ,MW,MZ, and we have commitments at home.

Do you have any knowledge of road conditions in the countries I mentioned?

ktm640rob 22 Oct 2006 16:12

Great lakes
I would certainly reccomend the eastern side of KIVU from Bukavu up to ruhengari /Gisenye its a nice (non tarmac road) with some awesome views.

From thier you can either shoot into DRC or head up toward Uganda, i would reccomend heading around BWINDI forest and up to Queen Elizabeth park and then taking the Tarmac road back to Kampala from the northern end of Queen Elizabeth park.

Bit of a round trip but nice never the less.
You can camp in QENP.


Bundubasher 22 Oct 2006 18:04

Thanks for that advice - we'll be heading south though so does anyone have any info on the roads to the east of lake tanganyika? We're staying out of Zim until the last minute so we can fuel/food up before getting home to Bulawayo. I have also always wanted to take the "Hunter's Road" alongside the Bots border with Hwange National Park/Zim as I've heard it's quite "bush".

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