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outthere 30 Nov 2007 08:09

GPS points
Hi to all, anyone got the GPS co-ords for Embassys in Addis Adada - Australian/ Egypt/ Sudan. And any advise on moving forward Nth from Ethiopia. Thanks in anticipation Brian B

Matt Roach 30 Nov 2007 14:36

Don't think you will find an Australian embassy in Addis. Your options are either Nairobi or Cairo.

Canadian embassy should be able to give you assistance if need be.

outthere 2 Dec 2007 08:03

Gps Points
Hi to all, i sorted those GPS co-ordiates myself.
Egypt Embassy - nth.09 02.766 est. 038 45.861
Sudan Embassy - nth.09 00.392 est. 038 44.695

They, if ive done it correctly will get u to the doors. Im of to sort my visas out on Monday coming.

all the best Brian B:innocent:

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