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lbendel 24 Apr 2011 17:05

Game drive with a bike in SA
Unfortunately, you can't get into a game park such as Kruger on a bike. They're afraid that the lions will break a tooth on the cylinder block I guess.

But there are tons of smaller, private game reserves / nature reserves in the country, and some of them have more relaxed regulations. Here are 3 that I've personally done:

- Amatikula, north of Durban in KZN: no problem to get in, there are only "friendly" game. Zebras are grazing 10m from the braai. Cool.
- Eland Lake, south of Durban: the sign on the entrance gate says it's forbidden to bikes, but I had a warm welcome. Maybe because of my original (and quiet) exhaust ? zebras, giraffes, etc.. no dangerous species
- Baviaan Kloof, Little Karoo. No problem to get in, but I almost ran into a couple huge buffaloes around the bend on small track. Ooops, thick tress right and left.. no escape. They ran away.
- Sanbona, Western Cape. Here they have lions and everything. But the trick (told by and known to most SA riders I think) is that a public road crosses the park. So if you show up at the gate, they will call up a bakkie to escort you to the other side (not much protection.. more to keep you from getting wild I guess). I rode past a dozen or so elephants maybe 50m from the road. Nice - and free!

Many more I'm sure.

Happy riding in SA!

ta-rider 24 Apr 2011 20:51


The baviaans with its river crossings is lovely on bikes and free. Thanks for all the other information as well :)

LG, Tobi

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