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camaleon 18 Aug 2003 01:34

Europe to South Africa via Egypt
Has anyone recently entered Egypt from Jordan by car? We'll be travelling with a Land Rover 110" and have the carnet but don't know exactly how much is the "vehicle enter tax" or the price for the Aswan/Sudan ferry... any information will be appreciated.


Runner 3 Sep 2003 17:38

To cross the Red Sea at the Nuweiba ferry you need to leave a deposit equal to the value of the car, which is a pain. Also the ferries havent been that reliable lately. Entering Egypt can be a bugger - they wanted to tax me $30,000 US for my Defender 110, even though I had a Carnet. Mind you a friend of mine has got through with less. It depends what mood they are in. Avoid Egypt if you can.

roro 3 Sep 2003 21:46

Egypt seems to be a no-go destination with your car now !
10 year ago I have taken the same ferry , and at Nuweiba they want to tax me 300$ only for a 3 days transit to go to Alexandria .
I was with my children and I said : OK , we have no more money and we will wait here until we can go !
We have wait 4 hours and after that they have seen us too much time and let us go through the post without paying ( we had a carnet too ).
But it was 10 years ago and I believe this attitude doesn't work anymore !

camaleon 4 Sep 2003 05:28

Thanks for all the info, We're actually considering in going through Saudi (if we can get the visas in Amman)
Any info about the road to Jiddah and prices for the ferry to Port Sudan??

Why didn't we just planned a Miami to Las Vegas instead??? why....? why...?

Crofty 16 Sep 2003 00:24

For the ferry to Port Sudan from Jiddah try Baaboud Shipping tel ++ 966 2 627 0000 ext 328 , Mr Hassan Issa .
I'm told its 500 Rials/car(950 for a landrover?) + 35 Rs per ton customs duty,+200 Rs per vehicle for a customs broker ?

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