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eightpot 9 Feb 2011 14:00

Etosha national park - camping
we're heading up towards Etosha national park in Namibia, and I'm a bit confused by camping arrangements in the area - looking at some of the info on various websites, it looks like you have to paay $400 namibian (38 pounds) per night for two people just to camp inside the park, which seems a crazy price?? Am I reading this correctly?? We'll only be sleeping inside the truck so it seems a hell of a lot for a parking space..

Can anyone give me the heads up on bush camping in the area (granted, not inside the park, but on the outskirts) or is it a no go??

Henn 9 Feb 2011 16:19

We were just there on motorbikes (so couldn't ride into the park at all). We didn't check, but our guidebook suggested N$400 per night for two people to camp inside. On the outside bush camping is impossible (or at least very difficult) on the 35km stretch from the main road to the east gate.

However you can camp at Onguma, a classy lodge on the right JUST before you reach the park gates (at the east end). It costs N$135 per person per night and you get a private bathroom, hot water and power.

If I was in a 4WD I would still spend a night or two at the camps further west in the park.


Newbie 10 Feb 2011 12:27

We camped in a 3 man tent in the centre camp two years ago. I recall that it was expensive. All the sites are very dusty but it was an experience of a lifetime. They have a night viewing 'arena' overlooking a water hole and I have never seen so much game up close. Was great watching the interaction between all the animals lining up to drink water.

Although expensive it was worth it!

Matt Roach 10 Feb 2011 14:34

Despite the cost, I would thoroughly recommend staying inside the park, because the floodlight watering holes inside the camps are likely to provide some of the best game viewing of your trip.

Although Namatoni has the nicest campsite, its waterhole isn't as good as the others. Therefore I would suggest giving it a miss, and instead spending at least a night each at Okaukejo & Halali. Campsites at both are a bit dusty, but great waterholes. There is a leopard regularly spotted at night at the Halali waterhole.

eightpot 11 Feb 2011 07:51

OK, thanks for the responses - sounds like it's decent value for money then so I'll give the camps a whirl.
With the amount of rain we've been having here the last few days though, I reckon I'm more likely to spot dolphins than leopards :laugh:

Henn 22 Feb 2011 15:25

Sorry I should amend my previous post. We met a guy who had parked his Land Rover in the carpark directly outside the east entrance gates and slept there overnight. So maybe "camping" is possible there.

Not sure how they'd feel about tents or roof tents.

taniyamorris 26 Feb 2011 16:42


I have to say would disagree with Matt (sorry Matt :mchappy:)- the camp sites in Etosha are vastly overpriced. Here's the extract from our blog last year highlighting two great options outside the Park:

๏Etosha - Onguma Safari Camp. Next to Etosha NP Namutoni Gate - 5 mins from Park entrance. Beautiful site which is half the price of the camping in the Park (still not cheap though) and much nicer. Each plot has its own toilet, shower & power. The lodge has a beautiful pool, bar & restaurant and a view over a waterhole in the park. Tranquil & exceedingly well run. Camping N$125 (€12.50) p/person p/night. Highly recommended. GPS S18 44.013 E17 02.900.

๏Etosha - Etosha Safari Camp. Approx 10 km S of Etosha NP Anderson Gate. Beautiful camping, swimming pool, great food and wonderfully friendly staff. N$85 p/person p/night. GPS S19 24.667 E15 55.482.

Hope that helps.

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