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sofieBN 8 Feb 2010 10:44

Ethiopian visa at border or beforehand?
After failing to get any information from the embassy on this subject, I will try the Hubb instead!

Is it possible to get visas at the boarder to Ethiopia or must we have them beforehand?

We are travelling north to south and were thinking we might be able to do all the paperwork for both Sudan and Ethiopia in Cairo (or Aswan!?) ? But I seem to remeber some thread about it being easier to get a Sudan visa if you already have the one for Etiopia (so you can prove you are only in transit in Sudan)...

We are unsure of the dates which we will be in the area so would prefer waiting until we get closer rather than fixing things in Denmark.

Thanks for any info!

huwandrosie 8 Feb 2010 15:18

Hi Sofie - it sounds like we are doing much the same route - approximately when are you leaving? We'll be in Egypt around mid April, planning to head south too. Maybe hook up?!

I've heard (very reliably, first hand from a couple who've just returned to the UK from doing just that) that you can sort both the Sudanese AND Ethiopian visas in Cairo, but that you should definitely sort the Ethiopian one first, so that, as you say, you can prove that you'll only be in transit through Sudan.

Embassy of Ethiopia in Egypt
Mesaha Square, Villa 11, Dokki-Cairo-Egypt
Phone: (00202) 3353693-3353696
Fax: (00202)- 3353699
Email: ethio@ethioembassy.org.eg
Office Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Embassy of Sudan in Egypt
3 Ibrahim St. Garden City, Cairo
Phone: +20-2-355-7705
Fax: +20-2-354-2693

Hope this helps! xx Rosie

sofieBN 8 Feb 2010 15:51

Hi Rosie,

thanks for the quick, and precise, reply!

We are hopefully leaving in a few weeks when the last of the preparations are completed. We will problably be spending some extra time in the Middle East since we are planning to get some climbing done - but if we are in Egypt (or somewhere in the Middle East) at the same time it would be great to meet up!


coxy 10 Feb 2010 14:47

Hi best thing to do is camp at Saliman camping in Cairo where you will see the taxi driver guy how knows the visa run and will look after you and not rip you off big still,we got both visas in 48hours with on hassle.
Have a great trip and stay safe John Cox

sofieBN 11 Feb 2010 14:22

Hi John,

thanks for the advice on the visa and info on the road conditions from Cairo to Nairobi, great news for us that the tar work is done - guess that means we can pull sandladders off our (too long) list of items :thumbup1:

Pumbaa 12 Feb 2010 06:40

Definitely need to get Ethiopia visa in Egypt. They don't issue them at the border. Very easy process to get the Sudan and Ethiopian visa. Sudan embassy 'normally' issue the visa on the same day if you apply on a Thursday, because they're closed on Fridays. Don't take this as gospel though, I'm sure it can change, but our friends got theors the same day.

Check out the visa section on our website for our experience at the embassies.

coxy 12 Feb 2010 14:32

Hi Sofie.
I think you shoud take your sandladder,you know how it goes you take them and dont need them you dont and you do.Oh yes the embassies are closed Fri/Sat best to time it for Sunday morning that way you have all week(but i am sour you wont need it)have a great trip John.

Hindu1936 12 Feb 2010 17:47

Hi Coxy, Would you be kind enought to post a bit more info on Saliman Camping ground please? Where, facilites, fees? It didn't show up when I googled for it. Any campground I can near any major city is always welcome infor. The economy and having two sons in plumbing and one in real estate has diminished our savings so the planned departured for this coming April has once more been postponed. I have more time to research, but that has become a sport now rather than a necessity. Not much more I can do except keep working and stay alive until time to leave


JeanVisser 14 Feb 2010 08:18

Cairo Camping
I am pretty sure it's Salma Camp and the taxi driver's name is Galid, you have to negotiate a bit with him though

sofieBN 14 Feb 2010 10:10

Hi Coxy - we had a look at sandladders and they are really quite expensive, and very difficult to find in Denmark! I think we are betting on staying on the main roads (as much tar as possible) to avoid getting stuck. :(

as for the camp, tried googling salma as well, nothing turns up...

Stephano 14 Feb 2010 10:25


Originally Posted by sofieBN (Post 276544)
as for the camp, tried googling salma as well, nothing turns up...

If it's Salma, I believe it's here:
N29 58.175 E31 10.443


coxy 14 Feb 2010 10:27

Hi Jean sorry you are right it is Salma but our taxi driver was called Ali but reading between the lines i think he is the same guy,one day he is a teacher the next he is a car importer the next he is a shipping agant and so on.
Hindu1936 as for the facilites its abit rough but ok to get the visa job done as you are only there 3 nights max.As for camp sites near major cities through Africa get Tracks4Africa for your GPS everything your need is on these maps and will make your life very easy hope this will help.
Take care John Cox

coxy 14 Feb 2010 10:39

Hi Stephan.
Well we are all on today yes thats the place and if you google in salma camping in it comes up.Safie as for the ladders just take a good rope to pull you out i am sure you will be fine just go for it!
Take care all John Cox.

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