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moro 10 Jun 2011 12:29

Entering Mali from Guinea
Hi folks,
I heard from various sources it is possible to arrive at Malian border north of Siguiri without a visa and get a laissez-passer which enables you to proceed to Bamako, where you can sort your malian visa issue properly.
The other option I read of in LP is you can obtain laisser-passer at the gendarmerie in Kankan.
Can anybody confirm that?
My Guinean visa runs out in 3 weeks, being in Mali ville in Fouta Djallon I would like to avoid the drive to Conakry.

Dabola 17 Jun 2011 07:26

Two months ago I went the same way; From G.Bissau, by Labe to Conakry. Then further on by the forest region, up to Kankan, Siguiri and Bamako.
To avoid problems at the border I got the Malian visa in Conakry. (Cheap compare to what's common in West Africa.) I asked the staff at the Embassy about the possiblility to grab a visa at the border and they said yes, it's possible - as you describe it. But don't rely 100% on this information. I had my visa. And the distance back to Conakry is too long. Enjoy the time in Mali. Even though I prefer Guinea. Mali has become too touristified!

moro 19 Jun 2011 13:25

thanks a lot for reply, all my info points towards the same direction , will take my chances :)
too many tourists in Mali? depends where you go
for me 3 months in Guinea was more than enough

travel safely but aboundantly :)

moro 29 Jun 2011 20:26

update, no problem at the border Kouremale, laissez-passer issued at the spot for 15.000 CFA, then inside one week you have to get a proper visa with the immigration police at Bamako - a cost free procedure
apparently the same applies for all land border crossings into Mali

priffe 4 Jul 2011 14:07

Good information!

thanks for that mr Moro :)

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