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Moto Zulu 22 May 2012 10:40

Containerspace from Germany to Durban/South Africa and Namibia
Hi there,

I planing a container to Durban leaving 36304 Alsfeld in Germany mid September arriving early November in Durban. I can import your bike help registering and after your trip you can sell the bike. I can help you selling your bike and can offer storage space as well. I dont want bikes with carnet in this container. At the moment there is some little space available.

With a friend from Windhoek I busy planing an container to Walvis Bay or Windhoek. Here I could transport bikes with an carnet as well ! The shippment is planed for early September arriving in Walvis Bay early November.

Normal bikes will be 750 Euro in a crate max 80cm x 110cm x 225cm (w / h / l ) BMW Boxer bikes will be 1000 Euro. Plus VAT and Import Duty (+/- 20% of bike value) cleared and ready to pick up in Port Shepstone 110 km south of Durban. RSA Logbook will cost you 100 Euro and 30 Euro for the roadworthy will be needed. And the licence for a year is around 33 Euro at the moment. No problem to register a bike in South Africa with foreign nationality ! You need your passport and two passport pictures.

The price for Namibia should be simular but can differ a bit, as it will be my first container to Walvis Bay !



Moto Zulu 15 Jun 2012 13:09

Not much space left !

Moto Zulu 5 Jul 2012 08:54

England pick up
My brothers company has next week some space left on their trucks from England to Germany if somebody wants to send a bike with !

Cheers Thomas

Moto Zulu 10 Aug 2012 07:37

21. September
Container will be packed late September. Crated bikes should be delivered by the 21. September in 36304 Alsfeld / Germany

Only space for 4 bikes left !

The bikes will be available latest middle of November



Moto Zulu 26 Aug 2012 13:23

Only space for 2 left
Only space for 2 bikes left



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