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greenbug 5 Nov 2012 11:36


Originally Posted by Sam Rutherford (Post 397053)
It's a very African solution. If you don't have a carnet then you're 'stuffed'.

But if you do have a carnet, then they don't use it, but issue you a Senegalese document in it's place.

So, your carnet never gets stamped, but you do need it... doh

Travel safe, Sam.

Can confirm the above
WITHOUT a CARNET you are stuffed.

The current situation as of 1.11.2012 is as follows>
the crossing at Rosso from the Mauritanian side is 14500 ougia

On the senegal side it is 10000 cfa
The Senegalese DO NOT accept the Carnet but WILL NOT issue a passavant without it. If you do not have it then you will need an escort to Dakar which can be astronomical, it was suggested to me the price is around 150 000 cfa....but you will be directed to discuss it with the station chief.

At Diama the going price for the passavant without the escort is 200 euro through the station chief Zargan.

In our case we obtained a passavant for 5000 cfa on the back of an old expired Carnet page with the assistance of a local fixer. Our regular assistant in these matters is a Mauritanian by the name of Ifra, a relaxed sensible guy in the midst of all this craziness. Importantly he speaks english.

Also do not forget the insurance.......without it you face a grande infraction and loads of hassle.

Sorry for making things more muddier


Surfy 5 Nov 2012 15:25

Thank you for your impressions and informations.

Do you need the senegal insurance, when you come with an european one, with world coverage?

That you need the carnet is common:


That you have to optain too a passavant - smells like scam (or if you get a bill) for a silly border crew?


DAKARTENEREKEV 5 Nov 2012 18:34

more questions than answers
As usual answers create more questions, RAC are currently quoting 4 weeks for carnet and i plan to leave uk in three, can anyone suggest a speedy alternative?My insurers wont go beyond morocco, I have previously used local axa insurers , any suggestions for mauri and senega insurancel, many thanks kev

Surfy 5 Nov 2012 20:00


Originally Posted by DAKARTENEREKEV (Post 399240)
As usual answers create more questions, RAC are currently quoting 4 weeks for carnet and i plan to leave uk in three, can anyone suggest a speedy alternative?My insurers wont go beyond morocco, I have previously used local axa insurers , any suggestions for mauri and senega insurancel, many thanks kev

In Switzerland you can get the carnet in 3 days, after they receive their cash. www.tcs.ch

This should work too for you, except that the postage way need more time.

To insure in whole africa you can look @ tourinsure.de - but when your vehicle or bike isnt too expensiv - i would stay with the insurances you can optain on the borders... Then this insurance is expensiv :rolleyes2:


cruiser guy 7 Nov 2012 16:22

If Senegal is going to go through all the BS of wanting you to have a carnet and not using the carnet but paying for a passevant and all that crap then I'll simply bypass through Mauritania via Mali. Getting a carnet in Sierra Leone just to be able to visit Senegal on the way to Europe sounds like a huge undertaking when all roads are new to us anyways. It all sounds like a scam on the part of the border folks to get rich quick of the tourists.

I've got an e-mail into the Senegalese Tourism office and we'll see if they even respond with any sort of answer.

I'm thinking having a vehicle which is registered in an ECOWAS member country may make things different for us.

Surfy 8 Nov 2012 16:49


Originally Posted by cruiser guy (Post 399466)
I've got an e-mail into the Senegalese Tourism office and we'll see if they even respond with any sort of answer.

Thanks for trying to clear that :thumbup1:


cruiser guy 27 Nov 2012 18:40

Can anyone confirm this same silliness occurs at the other Senegalese crossings? Rosso is supposedly the most corrupt crossing in all of Africa from what I have heard!

We'll be heading north early in the new year crossing into Senegal either from Guinea or Guinea-Bissau and exiting through Rosso most likely. I had hoped for travel through Mali but with the recent kidnapping all the way out by Kayes it looks like it's not getting any better any time soon.

gazza171 27 Nov 2012 19:07

my RAC carnet came with a paper in english and french stating the current senegal situation

aparently the local version of the RAC/AA/AAA has closed in sengal so there is noone to guarentee the carnet, so thats the reason for the new document they issue n the bourder

i dont mind it too much, but dont rely want to speed straigt to dakkar to get it extended , would like to stay in the north a little first.

i would not want to go to mali now, its going to get worse before it gets better,

we are crossing into morroco around 20th of january...anyone eles, we are atempting to go all the way down to the cape

gazza171 27 Nov 2012 19:08

and the RAC took a lot less than a month to issuse the carnet...more like 2 weeks

cruiser guy 8 Jan 2013 18:39

I was at the Senegalese Embassy here in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He is ready to issue a three month "lassiez-passier" but only a one month personal visa (I need to give a start date rather than have it start on entry to Senegal). Are others getting a longer personal visa period? Seems odd to issue three months for the vehicle and one month for the driver.

Is $100 for the Visa and about $30 for the "lassiez-passier" sound about right?

No carnet but that could be because it is an ECOWAS (Sierra Leone) registration on the vehicle.

I have a "lassiea-passier" in hand for the vehicle now. Issued by the Honorary Consulate in Freetown, Sierra Leone. We'll see if it works for crossing into and through Senegal. I decided against spending money for a visa that all my information says I don't need. The consul still insists it is required and we will be turned back. We'll see!!

cruiser guy 31 Jan 2013 07:13

We entered Senegal yesterday from Guinea.
Carnet NOT required. I had a passevant issued by the Consulate of Senegal in Sierra Leone.
Visa NOT required (at this time for Canadians)
No fees were paid at the border for anything. Everything stamped and recorded at the border.

autonomy 1 Feb 2013 20:10

I crossed into Senegal via Diama - Mauritania.

I used a carnet which they accepted and stamped. I did not get issued any further papers nor was there a free to pay at any stage at the border.

Two days later some friends came through without a carnet and had to pay 200euros for a three day pass.

chapati express 4 Mar 2013 11:59

I would like to enter Senegal on my motorbike (older than 5 yrs) from the north (Mauritania). I do NOT have a carnet. Bike is registered in northern ireland (UK).

From what i understand from below:
- from the north it could cost 200 euros for a 3 day pass (not really enough time for me - would like a couple of wks in the country & ideally to visit Gambia)
- from the south it maybe be easier & cheaper? but cruiser guy your reg is Sierra Leone... any idea with UK/europe reg?

Green bug, the passavant was obtained with 'your' old expired carnet papers?

Anyone have more recent updates, ideas or suggestions on how to obtain a carnet or some document that will help obtain entry with a more flexible time period than 3 days????

Would like to get beyond Mauritania... would prefer not to go through Mali

many thanks

Casamance 10 Mar 2013 14:10

Normally you need a carnet which is valid for 3 months or you can buy a passavant which is valid 10 days. You can extend it two times 15 days. You're allowed to stay max. 40 days in Senegal in one year. The official price for a passavant is 2.500 cfa (4 Euro). This is the law. Only in north Senegal you have to pay 200,- Euro for a 3 day passavant. This guy Zargan in Diama who can 'help' you is a criminal :nono:. He's there for almost ten years. Its all maffia and corruption. When you enter Senegal in the South or East there is no problem at all. It’s a shame for a democratic country and it gives tourism in Senegal a bad name. :thumbdown:

Anacondor 14 Mar 2013 20:13

When I entered Senegal from Guinee last month, I had my carnet stamped within a few minutes. No passevant needed. Also no problems at the exit (Senegal) and entry in Gambia (carnet was stamped within a record time of a few seconds). Later, I again had no problems to get the carnet stamped from Gambia to Senegal (at Farafenni), so it may only be a problem for those heading south from Mauritania.

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