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aimlessinafrica 27 Mar 2012 18:29

By-passing Nigeria
We were encouraged by other overlanders to let members know our recent route around Nigeria.
We are a retired couple travelling Africa in a Landcruiser.
We drove through northern Cameroon, taking in Rhoumsiki, Benoue NP, Waza NP and Kalamaloue NP. We camped at all spots.
We then drove into N'Djamena, Chad. We had a wonderful time at Zakouma NP (one of the best NPs we have ever been to) and took a guided tour of the Ennedi desert which was fantastic.
We exited Chad driving around Lake Chad using a road on T4A.
We then drove into Niger and did the border formalities at Ngigumi. It was a long drive across Niger, with not a lot to see. But nothing stressful.
We stopped at Niamey and went to Park W.
From Niger it is a simple drive to Burkina Faso. From BF, we did a loop through Mali - probably not possible now!
back to BF and we drove down to Benin to Togo and now we are in Ghana.
We got our Chad & Niger visas in Yaounde - very simple. Burkina Faso, Mali & Benin easily in Niamey. Togo at the border Ghana in Ouga. Ivory Coast in Cotonou.

More details (including some waypoints) are in on our blog: aimlessinafrica.blogspot.com
we would be more than happy to send the tracks to anyone who wants them.

the route is very straight forward. I am not a biker, but i think that it is very doable on a bike.

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