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kjiratsiekoedel 15 Oct 2011 10:25

Buying a motor in South-Africa and selling in Kenya, possible?
I'm going to travel the world (well a good part of it: south-america, africa and asia). Leaving 30th october 2011 untill februari 2013 (probably).

I've been travelling in Cameroon before and have bought (and sold) a motorcycle overthere.

This time I'd like to buy a motorcycle in South-Africa and travel to Kenya (from kenya I fly to India). But is it possible to sell the motorcycle in a different county then it came from? Will it just be some difficult administration? Or are there high penalty fees?

(I'm Dutch by the way)

kjiratsiekoedel 20 Oct 2011 13:31


misterpaul 20 Oct 2011 16:12

It's no problem to sell a bike in a country other than the one it is registered in, but if you or the buyer wants to register it in the new country then import duty and tax will have to be paid. Also there will be plenty of paperwork.

If you want to buy in SA and sell in Kenya the best thing would be to try finding someone who wants to ride back to SA then they could sell the bike there. Another option is to speak with Chris at Jungle Junction in Nairobi as maybe you could leave the bike with him and he'll sell it on your behalf (for a percentage).

kjiratsiekoedel 25 Oct 2011 16:15

I don't think we can find someone to ride it back. But we can try, at the time.
Someone selling the bike for a percentage is a good idea. We'll keep that in mind.

jamminbmx 30 Dec 2011 09:28

Hello mate.

Have you left yet?

What bike are you buying in SA? Drop me an email at contact@gaffer.org.uk. I live in mombasa when not working. Taxes are high to import to Kenya. Around 50% of list price of bike however most bikes are not on the list so will be interesting to see how much they charge. I'm thinking about riding down to SA at some point so may just keep it unregistered.



kjiratsiekoedel 31 Dec 2011 17:24

You have mail!

We have not arrived yet in SA. We are now in Latin America (peru). We will fly to Cape Town on the 11th of march 2012. We will be in Kenya around september/ocotber 2012 (rough estimate).

We donĀ“t know which bike we would like to buy. I think a chinese one (hope to find a 200cc) because they are cheap & can have maintainence everywhere.

Now we travel on a Bajaj Pulsar 180cc in Latin America. Good bike, but can not have maintainence everywhere. Since the roads in Africa will be more rough, this becomes more important.

50% tax is a lot! (although latin america can be over 100%)

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