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Neil 29 Jul 2010 11:30

Burning/Denatured Alcohol or Meths
I've read lots of hijacked threads on this forum where someone asks a question and it gets steered around to what the commenter's opinion wants to tell you.

However, all things considered, Ed and I are seriously out of packing space... realistically we hope not to have to cook too much on our route through east africa down to S.A. so the stove we're taking really is a "just in case" prop to carry. I have several stoves in my armoury, personally for size and utility the Trangia with it's wind shield, pots, pan & kettle etc make a perfect unit for the "maybe" chance we use it.

Sure, we could use a petrol stove but they're big, heavy and then you have to carry the pots and pans separately. If you're going to air your opinion about using petrol, I've already read it on other threads... I think I probably know it.

This all said, I want to know whether meths or burning/denatured alcohol, etc is available to buy in most of Africa? (Please do not answer if you don't know).

Thanks in advanced! :thumbup1:

quastdog 29 Jul 2010 18:59

I used a Trangia with alcohol, 9 months in Africa. If used for how you describe, you shouldn't have a problem - a liter should last a few weeks. You start looking before you are totally out and you'll find more - it may take a few stops to find.

You won't find clean-burning methelated spirits though; sometimes all you'll find is purple 'rubbing' alcohol. Try pharmacies or groceries - the location(s) change as you change countries. Here in the US, I go to the paint department of hardware/home building stores.

*Touring Ted* 29 Jul 2010 19:02

Mate, i'll of drunk all the alcohol before you get to simmer your noodles ! :Beach:

btw, you should use a petrol stove !

quastdog 29 Jul 2010 19:20


Originally Posted by *Touring Ted* (Post 299102)
Mate, i'll of drunk all the alcohol but you get to simmer your noodles ! :Beach:

don't forget to filter it through a piece of bread first - filters out all the harmful purple dye!

Neil 29 Jul 2010 20:05


Originally Posted by quastdog (Post 299104)
don't forget to filter it through a piece of bread first - filters out all the harmful purple dye!

You hear that Ed? You get to eat the bread before the dinner is cooked... don't ask about the colour, it's vitamins!

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