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bernardo feio lightweight 7 Apr 2011 14:35

Bissau to Timbuktu

Topics specific to North Africa and the Sahara down to the 17th parallel (Nouakchott, Timbuktu, Agadez, northern Sudan)”

I’m reaching the limit of this forum… J

I have some questions about routes.

I’m planning to travel from Bissau to Timbuktu in June / Mai this year. We will be travelling with motorcycles and we want to off road as much as possible.

Do you recommend any route? As a general overview I’m thinking in something like this:

Bissau-(Guiné Conakry) Labé, Siguiri, - (Mali) Bamako- (Burkina)- (Mali) Dogon region- Timbukto and then return to Bissau

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