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Aidjay 19 Jan 2012 05:36

Biking through Zimbabwe
We are currently travelling south and were always planning on riding through (and exploring) Zimbabwe.

We have met a few people on the road who have advised us to try and bypass Zimbabwe if possible. They say bikers specifically get overly harassed by the authorities demanding "fines" etc. Also, fuel availability could be an issue.

Does anyone have any current knowledge of this situation?


MountainMan 19 Jan 2012 07:27

Can't comment on the current situation but I rode through 3-4 years back when inflation was at it's worst. Prices were doubling every few days, no tourists in most of the country (barely a few in Vic Falls only) and paid the highest price for fuel on my entire trip, 22.5 million dollars (Zim dollars) per litre!

Anyways, hassles aside and the fact that it's run by a lunatic, I was glad I went, if for nothing else to see first hand how much a brutal government can ruin a country. Still a pretty cool place to see that used to be heavily visited by tourists, so if you can put up with the officials, worth visiting from my perspective.

MovingHouse 19 Jan 2012 08:51

We went through Zim in Sep 2011. Fuel availability was fine, even in the smallest places. The country now is on US $, so prices are stable. We spent 3 weeks and traveled everywhere without any issues with the police. A couple of police blocks just had a cursory look at the documents and let us through. While the country has turned the corner economically, much of the tourist infrastructure is just beginning to get dusted off. Still, the people are friendly and the service culture is great.

One thing that you may already be aware of is that you can't bike in the National Parks AFAIK.

Road Hog 20 Jan 2012 04:31

We rode through a week ago with no problems, no fuel problems and as mentioned above they are now on the dollar. they have little change so most everything is priced to the even $. Best at the fuel stops to tell them how much to put in. The fuel situation in Malawi is still a problem with it hard to find and very expensive if you have to buy on black market.

Lonesome George 21 Jan 2012 10:12

Always, always ignore the doom mungers who tell you not to go somewhere. They are idiots. (Of course this is said slightly tongue in cheek - there may be good reasons to listen to advice but usually this sort of "Oh don't go there..." stuff is rubbish.)

I went through Zim last April. It was absolutely fine. There are police with speed cameras and they will stop you. I had to pay a $5 fine for speeding. Fair enough. Please go to "Great Zimbabwe" amazingly very few people do but it's an amazing site and quite unique in southern africa. The people are friendly and the place is certainly worth a visit.

Habari 22 Jan 2012 19:40

Was there last november, no problems whatsoever, not even stopped at roadblocks.
People sometimes put out a lot of BS...
Yes, the Great Zimbabwe is worth visiting, there is a good camping right on the ruins.

Aidjay 26 Jan 2012 12:36

Thanks for all the positive feedback.

We're now in Zim and have (so far) experienced nothing but smiles and waving hands. Looking forward to exploring more of the country.


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