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vicky 27 Oct 2003 17:16

Best route from Niger to Ethiopia
We are currently in Ghana and planning to cross to the east coast. The border is now open between Chad and Sudan....has anyone any information on the best place to get a visa for Sudan. Any suggestions for alternative routes are also welcome. Thanks.

Erik D. 29 Oct 2003 01:23

Hey Vicky!

It's been a year since we did that crossing, but I seem to remember that after passing Ghana, the only Sudanese visa option was Chad. It took us 24 hours to get the visa there, but others we met had to wait a month... We had forseen this, and got a visa before we left Norway even though we knew it would expire. This obviously paid off, and a renewal was quick.
Since you don't have (I presume) a visa from beforehand, it is very important to be "active" and if they keep you waiting more than a week, then start trying to get in contact with ex-pats and diplomats in N'Djamena. Many of them know each other socially and might be able to help you get in contact with counsellor. I think some people "used" an Italian lady for help. the counsellor is the one that really decides how fast things go, although they say you have to wait for approval from Khartoum. Since I also fixed visas for a dutch couple who wanted to drive with us, together with our renewals (who thus obviously didn't have to wait for "approval" from Khartoum), It seems like there is a bit of: "do they like your face or not". It also seemed to us that the man in the "waiting room", Hasim,intentionaly slowed things down, especially for the english, whom he didn't like...

Good luck, I envy you, and wish I was back down there now!

Erik D.



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hed 5 Nov 2003 18:30


Just another thought that I just remembered. People in Ndjamena or elsewhere may tell you that you need a travel permit from the Department de'lAdministration de la Territoire or so. This is not necessary. We got it last time I was there, but it took considerable effort and getting past Chadian bureaucracy to get it. It helped it bit along road blocks on teh way to Sudan, but was certainly not worth the effort. It may be useful if you head down towads Kome, i.e. southern Chad, but I would not stress if you don't get it.

Also, contrary to teh Lonely Plant and other sources, the Novotel does not accomodate overla travellers anymore. Or rather, they do, but they do not allow you to use their facilities anymore, which makes the stay there very uncomfortable. Just in case you were hoping that it was as other travellers reported it in years gone by. Not the case anymore.

Safe travels and have fun,


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