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enfieldtravels 10 Apr 2007 22:04

Anyone know if Malarone is available in Khartoum or Addis?
Title says it all. We left home thinking we would be cunning and stock up on Malarone en-route at cheap prices only to find that it is not licensed in Egypt. Next stop is Sudan and from then on in until SA we are in Malaria country. Don't really want to slowly go crazy on Larium or frazzle with Doxy; can anyone help out and let us know what the possibilities are for getting hold of Malarone in Khartoum or Addis?



ps - learn from our mistake and buy it at home if you're not sure you can get medication abroad!

hook 10 Apr 2007 22:26

Hey Richard, we really are on a collision course! I bought my Malerone for $8usd per pill in the US (ouch)!!! I hope you do better. Know that Khartoum is malaria ridden, the slow moving Nile there breeds the little devils. You might have to settle for another brand. I'll ask around here in Addis if you want, though you'll be needing the meds in Sudan. As we know, avoid Larium. H.

Stephano 11 Apr 2007 10:29


Originally Posted by enfieldtravels (Post 132681)
can anyone help out and let us know what the possibilities are for getting hold of Malarone in Khartoum

I asked a National Programme Officer of the United Nations World Food Programme who is based in Kassala. I've inserted his reply (Wed 4/11/2007) below:

"Regarding Malarone, the same trademark is available in the UN clinic in Khartoum but might be only for UN staff.

Also, Malarone or its alternate is likely to be available in Khartoum commercial pharmacies. In Kassala it is absolutely not available. The best advice is to be brought from elsewhere outside Sudan to ensure original medication and trademark."

It's not conclusive but at least you now know it's not available in Kassala.

hook 11 Apr 2007 15:41

Hi Richard, I asked about malaria meds at 2 large pharm's here in Addis. Both had larium, one had doxy and one had something called malinal. I took malinal further south ($2usd per pill, taken daily). Like I said, however, you'll be wanting protection before Ethiopia. Malaria is no problen in Addis, it is in the Lake Tana region though- and of course in Sudan. I've met 3 travellers infected by malaria- you don't want it. One person in Africa dies every 30 seconds (on average) from malaria. I just read that 8850 people are dying every day here from AIDS. PS, I'll ask my friend in Khartoum about malerone. H.

beddhist 11 Apr 2007 17:39

Made the same mistake, but then, I wasn't planning to go to Arabia, my German govt. kindly diverted me there. I got malaria tropica in Sana'a and found out that Malarone is not available in Yemen (too expensive, apparently). It's also not available in the UAE and that's not a poor country!

Get it at home, folks!

(I was treated with Coartem and it killed the devils, but my stomach didn't liike it.)

hook 11 Apr 2007 21:26

I agree with Beddhist. It might cost more to buy the meds at home, but the quality is priceless. I met a South African fellow who bought his malaria meds in Mexico and was happy with the results- ie, he didn't contract malaria. In the end, you get what you pay for. Malaria meds are only part of preventing malaria...study up! Ride safe, H.

enfieldtravels 16 Apr 2007 18:23

Cheers for the help all. Looks like we're on the Dox then and will have to dress up like Marlon Brando in the Island of Dr Moreau....

Will check up at the UN clinic in Khartoum and if they say yes then will post up and let everyone know. Hope to see you all on the road....


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