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takeonafrica 11 Aug 2010 11:54

Anyone in Yaounde?
Hi, I made it to Yaounde and am now here for a week waiting on a Gabon visa.
If anyone is passing through, drop me a message if you fancy meeting for a drink....
I'm staying at the Foyer International l'Eglise Presbyterienne in Nlongkak, which is good for camping by the way.

Simon660 11 Aug 2010 13:18

Hi Helen... I was in Yaounde earlier in the year and stayed where you are at the Presbyterian Mission - gotta love that big lawn... When we (me and 3 mates) passed through we ended up meeting the local Yaounde Bikers. They have a bar which is sort of an unofficial clubhouse. Draught beer and great grilled meat. They were awesome guys - took us out for a few rides and were great company for a few beers too. Found this link which will hopefully get you there...
Bar O'Biker - Yaoundé - Bars - its just down the hill from the Mission....
Safe travels.

PS enjoy the Gabon - Congo piste!

gternes 12 Aug 2010 10:36

Hello Helen,
Thanks for the tip about where to camp in Yaoundé. We're in Maroua and will make our way to Yaoundé in the coming days, before also heading towards Gabon (we already have that visa). If you're still in town, we'd be happy to chat over a few beers! We'll look out for you on the road otherwise.
til then

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takeonafrica 14 Aug 2010 14:00

Hey Georges - drop on by the presbyterian mission I'll be around til wednesday at least....

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