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orrin 7 Dec 2007 16:21

Anyone heading south from Mali at moment?
I am heading south from Mopti within the next week. Are there any riders heading south at the moment that would like to share a few miles?
I would especially like to share the nigerian miles!

Cam Johnson 13 Dec 2007 20:12

Orrin, a couple of people are looking for you over in travelers seeking travelers. Im in Kayes right now suffereingg a bit from belly problems. I will head toward Bamako tomorrow, but will look at going north rather than south. How were the roads in that region?
Cam J.
(KLR Kiwi you met in Daklha)

orrin 15 Dec 2007 10:12

Hey hey!!
I went up to timbuk2
What a shit hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The road from mopti is great for 200km Then from the turnoff to tim is another 200KM of HELL!!!!!
Make sure you leave all your panniers in mopti or sevare! and only take your toothbrush!
The last 150km is VERY BAD corrugations so at one stage i was going 130km/h to try get over the top of them. My back box ripped off my bike etc etc!
I left my panniers at Macs Refuge in sevare for 1000 francs.
My honest advice is dont even bother........but its more a pilgramage. Try to put your bike on a boat back to mopti. I think the river is the best part of that area.

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