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Ian 1 May 2007 13:58

Anyone Got Through Eastern DRC Recently?
Just wondering if anyone's recently travelled the route between CAR and Uganda/Rwanda via Kisangani?

I understand that although the recent war's officially over, hostilities continue. Anyone any current info from recently travelling there?

matooch 24 May 2007 11:24

DRC crossing
Hello Ian,

I am just on the way to Congo BRV and DRC, driving our 4WD, with one companion. We want to cross DRC from Kinshasa to Lumunbashi to Zambia. I still look for information (we are in Gabon), but I spoke to Congolese guys in Cameroon who regurarly drive a car to DRC (Kikwit). In general they described the area around the borders with Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi as still unsafe. It is wise to avoid it, maybe with an exeption for short entry with a guide from Ugandian side to see the tropical forest.

All the best,


Ian 24 May 2007 21:09

Thanks Matooch.

You can't beat some hard information from the region.

Let us know about your trip along this route - sounds very interesting and should be a great adventure. Bonne chance!

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