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Tone & Andge 1 Jun 2005 08:25

Angolan visa
It seems like the Angolan visa is a bit of a nightmare to get hold of, anyone, any knowledge, we are travelling South to North direction - 2 up on motorbike?

Robbert 1 Jun 2005 18:10

If not at home, trafitionally the visum is obtained in Liberville, since this seems to be (temporarily?) impossible at the moment, the next option is Pointe-Noir, or Kinchasa/Matadi, depending on your route.

I haven't heart of people having trouble getting the visa in Matadi, but if you're going trough Cabinda you need it earlier.

When I applied n Point-Noir (april/may 2004), they first told me that I should get a Resident Visa for Congo-B before they can issue the Angolan visum. After my experiences on the RN1, I was sure about one thing:"I don't want to get involved in aquiring another congolese visa" (I would rather drive back to Gabon or fly to Kin, but there where not enough pages left in my pasport for these). With the help of the Begian Consul, next day I managed to get the visa. Not something I would count on though... .

gjackson 2 Jun 2005 05:55

Where are you coming from? IF you are going South to North, and coming through Namibia, then you can get the visa there, although I think you have to have a letter of invitation from someone in Angola. We ran into some South Africans getting visas at the border, but I don't know if this is still possible or even open to all. If you are coming through the Congos then check the above post.


Tone & Andge 2 Jun 2005 11:53

Thank you ever so much for your quick response, I trust we can return the favour one day.

solms 2 Jun 2005 21:44

We have just received our transit Angolan visa in Pointe Noire. It took 5 working days to be issued and cost 20 000CFA.

We will now head to Cabinda, then onto Matadi for the ordinary visa.

We are heading South so unfortunately will not be able to assist with information from South to North.



Robbert 3 Jun 2005 18:30

2 years ago, Angolan visas where issued to residents only in Windhoek. Don't know the status today. Advice at that time was to get it in SA.



adamiko 5 Jun 2005 15:58

Does anyone know a way or someone that can give this letter of invitation? I want to get a visa in South Africa, and was tould to bring this letter.


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