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Anacondor 16 Dec 2012 10:52

African visa – West-route – from South to North/East to West
Dear travellers,

Although I am aware that visa regulations change continuously, I think it would be helpful to have a complete list of the places where one can get visa for (South-/Central-/)West-African countries if one drives from south to north (/east to west). This may be particularly useful in planning the route from South Africa to Maroc and prevents threads to be started per country.

I made the following list and completed it as far as I could, based on my own experience, although more options shall be possible. I realise that visa costs may vary per nationality, but we can keep this in mind and the list will therefore give a rough idea.

I invite all of you who have recent experience to complete the list as best as you can! Thanks a lot for the effort!

South Africa/Swaziland/Lesotho: border (free)
Namibia: border (free)
Angola: Lusaka (USD 100, 30 days validity, issued in 5 working days/ USD 200, 30 days, issued in 3 working days)
DRC: Lusaka (USD 40, 8 days validity - double transit, issued same day)
Rep. Congo: Windhoek (N$ 500, 3 weeks validity (as requested), issued in 1 working day)
Gabon: Pretoria (ZAR 850, 1 month validity, issued in 5 working days /ZAR 1500, issued in 2 working days)
Cameroon: Brazzaville (CFA 51,000, 1 or 2 months validity, 2 working days)
Equatorial Guinea: …
Nigeria: Brazzaville (CFA 32,000, 3 months validity, 2 working days)
Burkina Faso:
Ivory Coast:
Sierra Leone:
Guinea Bissau:
Western Sahara:

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