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safnir 4 Dec 2007 21:53

4X4 for sale in December
Good morning,
If you are thinking of a 4X4 trip in Africa, we have the perfect vehicle for you. We are selling a Toyoya LandCruiser ready for the bush J

Some details:
Model – Toyoya LandCruiser (FJ-62)
Engine – 3F – 6 cylinders - ~3500cc
License – South African
Selling place – Tanzania
Selling date – The end of December
Special features – Double bad inside and long distance fuel tank (200 litters)
Capicity – 5 seats, huge baguege place and roof rack

Spare parts – 2 tyres, leaf spring, shock observers, brakes pads, fuel-pump, spark wires, backup battery, lamps, fuses, spark-plugs, platens, belts, bearings, stabilizer, pistons, …
Tools – Nut-setters kit, screwdrivers, multi-meter, spanners set, spark-plugs spanner, pliers, Jack, glues, gasket maker, emergency lights, wheal spanner…
Rescue equipment – Air-compressor, Hi-lift, shovel, toeing belts, hammer, …
Camping equipment – water jeri-cans, fuel jeri-cans, gas stove, table + 2 chairs, refrigerator, dishes for 5, …
Others – a bad inside, safe, roof rack, radio-disk player + 4 speakers, Africa's maps.

For more details, contact us:
Asaf – safnir@hotmail.com or
Oren - oren_kolodny@yahoo.com

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