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bmwroadrider 10 Dec 2010 03:27

World Nomads - BE CAREFUL
I just got off the phone with World Nomads Affiliate in the USA,
Access America.

Despite what I have heard and read previously, I was told by an agent, via her supervisor that personal/private motorcycle use is not covered by their policy. One is only covered...

"as long as the activity is provided by a recognized company that is regulated or licensed where required"

I was specifically told that if i were using my own personal motorcycle I would not be covered. I do not know what the exact exclusions are for other countries, but i think this shows you should really read all the fine print and get clarification before you buy a policy.

PaulD 10 Dec 2010 07:33

World Nomads
World Nomads are world wide, and a bit like a franchise.
They have different rules in different countries, that may be the case in America and I also think Britain is the same, however in Australia they do cover you on your own personal motorbike, as long as you are not being wreckless etc (Don't know how they would prove it tho.) So it may be worth contacting the Australian branch and see if they will cover you. !


flyde 17 Apr 2011 01:52

yea.. im with Paul... I used World Nomads from Australia and specifically checked this out.. EVERY RIDER SHOULD
And i was told that i was covered, touch 'grease' i didnt have to prove this because we all know insurance companies.

healthychaos 8 May 2012 04:29

I've been in touch with world nomads as well, been trying to sort out some sort of travel insurance that would cover my whole trip.

After a bit of stuffing around on the phone, I decided to email them and see if I could get anything in writing.

This is their reply:

Hi Angelo,

Thanks for your email.

Our policy does not provide cover when riding a motorbike on an unpaved road.

You must also be holding a valid licence to ride a motorbike in that country. The following link provides information on which countries accept the international drivers licence
IDLService.com - UN Convention Member Countries.

We will also not pay for a liability arising out of your ownership, possession or use (including as a passenger) of a mechanically propelled vehicle.
I may still stick with them for the rest of my trip, but when it comes to the motorbike part I'll be taking out separate policies.


norschweger 11 May 2012 14:33

If I buy a health insurance in Germany that is valid all over the world and buy an insurance for the bike in the same country that I am planning to buy it in (Canada or the USA ), am I good then? Or what is the way to do? A all-in-one-insurance, even covering my stuff?
I am used to go on longer trips in Europe but have no eyperience with over-sea-trips.

witold 12 May 2012 21:10

What's wrong with MedJet? They seem to get good reviews.

Why bother with World Nomads?

estebangc 12 May 2012 21:32

I had a World Nomads policy, undersigning insurer was BUPPA Denmark, and I can only say it was excellent. And I tried it with a night in observation in hospital in New Zealand. They covered everything, BUPPA service was excellent (I had no more contact with World Nomads).

Depending on your country of residence, the insurer will be different. I checked it and for sure my policy covered motorcycle riding and I confirmed it on the phone.

3 party liability insurance is not their field, that's clear, but health insurance is.

I guess the real point is motorcycle and "unpaved roads", that's an important one.


PS: Check well for discount vouchers with a google search, it's easy to get 10% discount (lonely planet, facebook and the like).

Mike.C 12 May 2012 22:02


Originally Posted by healthychaos (Post 378217)

This is their reply:
Our policy does not provide cover when riding a motorbike on an unpaved road.

Hey Angelo,

We have used World Nomads several times and asked the same question and got the same runaround. I would ask them to point out the clause in their contract (PDS) that states the above. I sure can't find it, and its the PDS that matters not what someone on the end of the phone or email says is the case.

Wold Nomads Australia PDS

healthychaos 14 May 2012 06:24

I know what you mean, I had a friend of mine who works in the insurance industry have a look at the PDS, it seems that this part may pose a problem in my situation of buying a bike and cruising down south on it.


Not Covered
  1. anything caused directly or indirectly by:
    1. liability which you incur as a result of an agreement that you made which would not apply in the absence of that agreement;
    2. injury, loss or damage arising from:
      1. ownership or use of aircraft, horse-drawn or mechanical/motorised vehicles, bicycles, vessels (other than rowing boats, punts or canoes), animals (other than horses) or firearms or any weapons
      2. the occupation (except temporarily for the purpose of the trip) or ownership of any land or buildings
      3. the carrying out of any work, trade or profession
      4. racing of any kind

It doesn't actually say anywhere anything about riding on unpaved roads.

I still went ahead an took out a policy with World Nomads, but when it comes to the actual motorbike part, I plan on taking out individual policies in the countries I'll be visiting.


markharf 14 May 2012 07:17

World Nomads doesn't sell third party liability (the insurance which pays when you hit someone). That's the kind you'll find available as you go from country to country. In most places you will not easily be able to buy the array of other insurances which are available at home.

World Nomads sells travel insurance. The exact policies sold vary greatly from country to country and, in the USA, from state to state. That makes these endless discussions go around in endless circles.

If you buy travel insurance, read the fine print carefully before paying. There's no way to predict what it's going to say--about motorcycles or anything else--without reading it. And did I mention "carefully?" They don't make money informing you in simple language about all the reasons you shouldn't buy their products.

It should go without saying that what an agent tells you over the telephone is worthless in the absence of an actual written policy confirming whatever rash promises he/she made.

When asking questions about insurance, try to distinguish between repatriation insurance (medivac, to get you home when sick or injured), health insurance valid in your home country, health insurance valid wherever you go, insurance which will buy you a new bike if you drive yours off a cliff or it gets stolen....and third party liability, which most people purchase at borders, if at all.

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